Everything You Need To Know About Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles

New reports claim that Olivia's ex is unhappy about her new relationship.

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Harry Styles - the Vogue-fronting, Grammy-nominated former One Direction singer - has found love with Booksmart director Olivia Wilde. After initial speculation, it seems that they're in it for the long haul, and the pair have been photographed several times in recent months. If there's one thing we love, it's an A List love story, but not everyone is so thrilled. A report from Page Six states that 'Jason is heartbroken about Olivia and Harry's relationship. They're going from strength to strength, and he's still massively upset and, to be honest, is still a little angry.'

Let's look at that 'strength to strength' claim. Understandably, the logistics of maintaining a relationship during the pandemic proved difficult, as reports in March suggested that Harry had flown back to LA to record a performance for the Grammys, while Olivia remained in the UK with ex Jason Sudeikis so she can spend time with their two kids: Otis, 6, and Daisy, 4. But then, in April, it became clear that they reunited again: they were spotted together at a West London pub and have been seen together again in recent weeks.

It's thought Olivia and Harry arrived in London in February, and according toPage Six, Olivia had been visiting Jason so they could 'form a bubble to co-parent their kids'.

In February, Olivia commented publicly on the rumours the pair were dating for the first time, praising Harry for his part in her new film, Don't Worry Darling, which she is directing. Olivia shared a black and white photo of the former One Direction star sitting on a convertible, writing that 'most male actors don't want to play supporting roles in female-led films...' She added: The industry has raised them to believe it lessens their power (i.e financial value) to accept these roles... Enter: @harrystyles, our "Jack." Not only did he relish the opportunity to allow for the brilliant @florencepugh to hold center stage as our "Alice," but he infused every scene with a nuanced sense of humanity.

'He didn’t have to join our circus, but he jumped on board with humility and grace, and blew us away every day with his talent, warmth, and ability to drive backwards. 👊#dontworrydarling.'

This followed previous reports that the pair were an item. 'Olivia and Harry have become close and the pair have been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks’, a source told MailOnline. ‘She has been seen visiting his home on several occasions.'

The rumours, however, were given credence with the release of additional images, which saw Harry, 26, and Olivia, 36, attend a wedding together in matching Gucci and painted nails.

In November of last year, reports circulated that Olivia and her fiancé – SNL comedian Jason Sudeikis – had separated after an eight-year relationship. There has been no suggestion of an overlap.

Olivia was a huge fan of Harry’s before he came on board to the production. ‘[Designer Arianne Phillips] and I did a little victory dance when we heard that we officially had Harry in the film,’ she told People recently. ‘Because we knew that he has a real appreciation for fashion and style. And this movie is incredibly stylistic. It’s very heightened and opulent, and I’m really grateful that he is so enthusiastic about that element of the process—some actors just don’t care. To me, he’s very modern and I hope that this brand of confidence as a male that Harry has—truly devoid of any traces of toxic masculinity—is indicative of his generation and therefore the future of the world.'

Obviously, we wish Harry was being romantically linked to us. But what we’re not going to do is troll Olivia on social media. You reading this, One Direction fans on the more hardcore side of the lust spectrum? Good.

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