Harry Styles And Lizzo Love Each Other And We Are Here For It

We love a genuine celebrity friendship…

Harry Styles and Lizzo

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Lizzo and Harry Styles are big fans of each other and we are loving every moment of it. Last night, Lizzo blessed us with a Live Lounge cover of Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’. It’s a slower, sexier, paired-back version of Harry’s 2019 release, and we think (sorry Harry) that we actually prefer it.

Putting her own sound on the hit, Lizzo adlibbed lines such as ‘Let me tell you something’ and ‘Oh Harry’ and even launched into a 20 second flute solo mid-way through.

‘Ooh girl that’s what I needed,’ Lizzo exclaimed after she finished the song, suggesting she enjoyed covering the song just as much as we enjoyed listening to it. Lizzo’s version of Adore you already has half a million views, despite only being released yesterday.

The cover comes only months after Harry released a cover of Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ in the BBC live lounge. Harry’s funky, irreverent version, which was released mid-December last year as a pre-Christmas treat, has over 11 million views. While singing the popular hit, Harry laughed as he delivered the line ‘you better come get your man, I think he wants to be way more than friends.’

Harry made his appreciation of Lizzo very clear after his cover: ‘She's one of the most exciting artists working now for sure," he said. ‘She's exactly what you want an artist to be, which is themselves.’ Lizzo stanned Harry back when she was declared that he was her ‘favourite British import,’ adding: ‘I’ve got a problem, I’ve got to stop talking about him.’

The stars also regularly show their support for one another on social media. Lizzo recently commented on Harry’s most recent Instagram, writing: ‘fave album atm’ and, when Harry announced his single Adore You (with a video about a fish), Lizzo wrote: ‘Just watched and f*ckin cride. That’s how my fish died when I was a kid…. glad yours lived.”

In January, the power couple also shared the stage in Miami as they performed Lizzo’s hit ‘Juice’ during one of Harry’s tour dates. Dare we hope that the two might share a stage again to perform together at the BRITs? They have both been confirmed as performers for tonight’s show but a double up performance of ‘Adore You’ might just be more than we can handle.

Either way, their mutual appreciation for one another has been not gone unnoticed. Here’s hoping for a collaboration. We can’t wait to see what they both do next…

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