Um, Why Was Harry Styles Flying Around LA And Singing With Watermelons?

(Obviously, it has something to do with James Corden.)

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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You’re running into work late, rushing through traffic - and then, suddenly, you stop. Harry Styles{ =nofollow}is in front of you, holding up the road with a bunch of dancers, singing one of his new songs, Lights Up. For most of us, this would merely be a dream. But for some lucky LA residents yesterday, this became a reality. ‘For once in my life I just wanna say thank you to LA Traffic,’ one lucky person tweeted, along with a video of Harry singing in the middle of the road. ‘I love you.’

Watch the video, and it becomes obvious why the singer is holding up the traffic. You don’t have to look closely to see that one of the other men, dressed in yellow with a flamboyant matching cape, is unmistakably James Corden. (If anything this extra is happening on the streets of LA, it probably has something to do with The Late Late Show.)

In the show's typical style - it gets better, and even more bizarre. ‘Just when you think you’ve seen it all here comes Harry Styles singing in the middle of dancing watermelons with James Corden dressing as one,’ another person tweeted, along with a video of the spectacular scene of Harry performing latest single Watermelon Sugar.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also ziplined over the city, recreating the iconic Sign of the Times video, while being dragged by Corden, dressed a cloud. ‘I’m losing my mind,’ somebody tweeted. ‘James Corden is dressed as a cloud pulling Harry Styles over LA traffic and you’re telling me this isn’t a glitch in the matrix?!’

Unfortunately, we don’t know quite know when this TV gold is going to appear on screen - however, the musician making his debut on Later... With Jools Holland tonight on BBC2 at 10pm. And, if you missed it, he hosted Saturday Night Live at the weekend, where he participated in some truly hilarious sketches{ =nofollow}, playing a variety of roles from a horny social media manager to a gang member.

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