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You can finally buy the artwork hanging in their California home...


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The world has adapted to Zoom out of necessity pretty well over the past two years. And former royals Meghan and Harry are no exception. Speaking at events in person is a rare sight these days for most events, so the pair have been making special appearances online instead. But, unlike the rest of us, Harry and Meghan have been switching up their Zoom background nearly every time. Zoomscaping, if you like.

While they have mostly stayed in the same room in their Santa Barbara mansion (thought to be worth over $14 million) there's always been something a bit different about what's behind them. One of the clearest looks into Harry and Meghan's home was an appearance on America's Got Talent, where Meghan delivered a very sweet, very warm, message to contestant Archie Williams who was wrongfully incarcerated for 37 years in prison.

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In Meghan's appearance, we can spy a candle that looks awfully similar to Diptyque’s Tubéreuse scented candle. (Only £31, bargain.)

And we can also see some of their book collection: The Women: National Geographic Image Collection - which includes interviews with the couple's friends activist Jane Goodall and Oprah - The Black Godfather (unfortunately for us, now out of stock) and Wood And Iron: Industrial Interior.

Women: The National Geographic Image Collection, £20.70amazon

Rrp: $50.00

Price: $24.97
Alternative retailers
Target$27.99View offer
Macy's$50.00View offer

Warehouse Home: Industrial Inspiration for Twenty-First-Century Living, £20.55amazon

Rrp: $40.00

Price: $37.98

Although Harry and Meghan's original Wood And Iron: Industrial Interior book is out of stock, Warehouse Home is a similar book that discusses the architectural features of warehouse interiors.

One of the constants in their background? Three prints of birds nests, from Californian Barloga Studios.

If you're wanting to recreate Meghan and Harry's bird nest art on a budget, there are some beautiful birds nest print collections on Etsy.

meghan and harry

A few days later, though, we see another new addition to the background. As well as some flowers and the books being rearranged again, there's a massive great big crystalbehind the couple. Due to the crystal's blue colour, we're going to take a guess that it's a Celestite crystal, which is supposed to lift moods and bring tranquillity. And it's also said to help with getting a good night's sleep.

However, they haven't always given their appearances in the same room. It's clear Meghan and Harry love living in California, as in August 2021- when Meghan spoke to charity Smart Works - Meghan was sitting in front of a print of the sheet music cover for California’s official state anthem, ‘I Love You, California’. This same piece was visible the next week when they made a surprise visit to an online poetry class.


Want it? You are absolutely in luck! There are a few poster recreations online which are stellar.

All in all, Harry and Meghan are making us feel like we should probably put some more effort into our Zoom game.

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