Why Is Meghan Markle Being Blamed For Yet Another Thing Which Isn’t Her Fault?

According to some, Meghan's to blame for the criticism of Kate and William's tour of the Caribbean.

Meghan markle

by Bonnie McLaren |

Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently on an eight-day tour of the Caribbean, and the trip has been met with protests in Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas. In Jamaica, locals protested at the British High Commission in Kingston, calling for the royal family to pay reparations and to apologise for their role in financing and perpetuating the slave trade. In an official meeting, Jamaica's prime minister Andrew Holness told the couple that the country plans to become a republic - like Barbados - and sever ties with the royal family. Campaigners in the Bahamas have also called for the royal family to atone in a strongly worded open letter.

It's understandable why many think the tour shouldn't have happened in the first place - and yet some right wing commentators are aghast about criticism of the tour (and the past horrors of the British Empire). Some of them are even pointing the finger at Meghan - as if she has orchestrated criticism of the tour herself from her home in California - completely ignoring the anger felt by many about Britain's colonial past. Instead, these commentators blame Meghan for recalling her own experience of racism in the royal family during her interview with Oprah.

It's not the first time Meghan's been used as a scapegoat in the press. Remember that Mail headline in 2019, which castigated Meghan for once sharing an avocado recipe, because the production of the fruit cases 'human rights abuses, drought and murder'. Or when people somehow found a way to blame Meghan and Harry for Prince Philip's death last year, with one commentator on Fox News even implying that Meghan and Harry's sit down interview with Oprah caused Philip stress. Others accused them of marring the last years of Philip's life by deciding to leave the royal family.

It's time for Meghan to stop being blamed for anything, and everything, when it suits an agenda to bring her down.

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