There Was A Great British Bake Off Twitter War Last Night And It Got Rowdy

It's Bingate round two...

There Was A Great British Bake Off Twitter War Last Night And It Got Rowdy

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Looking back at the former contestants of the Great British Bake Off, what do you remember? The warm, inviting nature of their personalities, the wholesome, delicious cakes they made and the endearing, lovely friendships they all seemed to develop. At least, that’s what we remember. It turns out we’ve been looking back with rose-tinted glasses this whole time, because seemingly they’re all as thirsty for social media drama as the rest of us.

Last night, John Waite, a contestant from the 2014 series tweeted (and has now deleted) a meme referencing the infamous baked alaska in the bin debacle that was once referred to as ‘bingate’. Reliving the iconic TV moment that was Diana Beard removing Iain Watters ice cream cake from the freezer prompting it to melt and him to throw it in the bin and storm off set, he shared the following image with the caption ‘If you can’t be nice, be naaaasty.’

©Twitter/ John Whaite

Still a sore subject (he was eliminated that episode), Iain didn’t take kindly to the joke, and replied ‘Not cool you twat. Not sure what goes through your head, that you think this is the right thing to post.’

Wait, it doesn’t end there.

Rushing to the defence of Iain and Diana, who also left the show after that episode, several other contestants jumped in on the Bake Off beef, with that year’s winner Nancy Birtwhistle saying:

‘‘My grandmother always instilled in me. “If you can’t say anything nice then you shouldn’t say anything at all”. #wisewords

Sandy then piped up, simply asking ‘Why?’ in response to the tweet.

In a somewhat confusing escalation, Luis Troyano also got involved, replying:

‘Not great John to be honest. Diana has had a torrid time and the last thing she needs is this dragging up again.’

To be fair, Diana did receive a tonne of online abuse following the episode, and claims the editing stitched her up.

In another foul-mouthed turn of events, Richard Burr ended the conversation with the classic insult:

‘Piss off you bell end’ (in emoji’s of course)

One contestant who simply couldn’t fathom all of the drama was Chetna Makan, and in a mean girls-esque style ‘I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy’ moment, asked:

‘Where is all this anger coming from?’

We’re wondering the same thing Chetna, what happened to the loving Bake Off family we envision? Where they spend Sundays baking cookies together and discussing the glory days of Paul Hollywood’s handshakes…

We may never see the return of those days, since John’s explanation for the entire fiasco was that typical MSN ‘oh sorry that was my cousin’ excuse that he didn’t actually tweet himself…

‘The three highly offensive tweets from this morning were NOT from me, John Whaite. I apologise profusely for the offence caused.’

What does this mean? Are hackers now targeting our beloved Bake Off contestants? Say it ain't so!

Well, it ain't so. John has stated it was just his friend....

HMMMMM. Not sure we quite believe you there John. Maybe some apology cakes are in order

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