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5 Shocking Things Grazia Saw At The Goop UK Launch

© Gwyneth Paltrow | © PA Images

No vaginal steaming, but lots of sex toys...

In the middle of retail haven Westbourne Grove, hiding behind a flower-bedecked lamp post is goop’s Notting Hill pop up- a four-month taster of everything Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand has to offer.

To mark the three-floor pop-up’s arrival, and the start of European ecommerce for goop, the brand threw a happy hour for press and influencers before the store opens to the public on September 25th.

It’s no secret that goop is a controversial brand. Accusations of wildly overpriced products, overstated and false claims about their health benefits, and scientifically unsound blog posts have been flying around since its launch in 2008.

Not sure what to expect, we went along – and were in for a few surprises.

Sex Toys Were Out On Display

Standing proudly in their glass case were a series of sex toys no more or less talked about than the ‘beauty boosting’ dietary supplements or the bath salts.

Jade Eggs Were On Sale

Despite the controversy around jade eggs and the unsubstantiated benefits of putting them anywhere inside your body - they were on sale in the store and online, for £65 a pop, along with the disclaimer; 'Please be sure to follow the instructions included with your egg.'

Easily the most picked-up products of the night were these £74 water bottles with rose quartz crystals in the middle of them to ‘infuse’ the water.

They Ran Out Of Champagne

Despite the fact that Paltrow has recently revealed she drinks seven days a week – having a glass of Japanese whiskey in the bath every night – drinks at the so-called 'happy hour' were scarce. Two or three very well-spoken waiters ran around the store from courtyard to basement serving six elaborate and very drinkable vodka and gin cocktails at a time, and then disappearing.

No Vaginal Steaming

We half expected to turn a corner and see a vaginal steaming session taking place next to the changing rooms, but it was actually a very normal store with very average goings on.

Final Verdict: Most Things Were Totally Buyable

We can see why, if you had all the disposable income in the world, you’d shop at goop, aside from the wacky health products, the basement contained a number of totally buyable gold candle sticks, pink mixing bowls and marble pestle and mortars that you’d likely find on an aspirational friend’s Pinterest board.

Also one for Pinterest; the plant choices by Wild At Heart.