The Get Down: The Stylish New Netflix Show You’re Going To Be Obsessed With

Prepare to binge on Baz Luhrmann's TV debut...

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Netflix is a bit like that charming ex-boyfriend you can’t quite stop thinking about. It just takes another love to get over the pining stage. Whilst we didn’t think you could top genius original shows like OITNB then came ‘80s horror Stranger Things…and now there's the crème de la crème of TV shows on the streaming site to get seriously excited about…The Get Down.

The gritty musical drama set in 1970s New York, which follows the life and struggles of a group of young teens growing up in the Bronx, is set to be huge after it finally lands on Netflix this weekend (12 August).

The show, co-created by Baz Luhrmann, captures the birth of hip-hop and marks the Aussie filmmaker's first foray onto the small screen. And of course the mastermind of Moulin Rouge! and '90s reimagining of Romeo + Juliet has weaved a good ‘ol love story in there too.

Get ready to fall in love with The Get Down

The Wardrobe Is Seventies Magic

the get downn

If Bianca Jagger in her Studio 54 heyday is your go-to postergirl you need to watch this show, for the fashion inspo alone (think bell bottoms, gold lamé dresses and original Diane von Furstenberg designers from the seventies). Baz Luhrmann’s Oscar-winning wife and long-time collaborator, costume designer Catherine Martin was on hand for the first episode. ‘One of the most interesting things about this period, and about the prehistory of hip hop, is that all the founders – Herc and Flash, Bambada – are still around, and have worked on the show,’ Martin told Refinery 29. ‘You know with Moulin Rouge! I couldn’t go and ask Toulouse Lautrec what he thought about anything – that’s what’s been extraordinary.’

Jaden Smith Stars

the get downn

At just 18-years-old the Gen Z star has cracked the fashion industry (just check out his LV's SS16 women’s campaign, music world and is now following in his father’s footsteps as he carves out a career as Hollywood’s next best thing. In The Get Down the teen is combining all three of his talents, playing graffiti artist Marcus ‘Dizzee’ Kipling, at the beginning of the hip-hop era in 1977.

The Ensemble Cast Will Blow Your Mind

the get downn

Alongside Jaden, the show shines a light on up and coming actors from 21-year-old Justice Smith (no relation) as the lead character Ezekiel ‘Books’ Figueroa – a young gifted poet and hopeless romantic. As well as introducing singer-songwriter, Herizen Guardiola, making her acting debut in the TV show as the object of Herizen’s affections. You may not have heard of the newcomers just yet, but this crop of young stars are set for stardom.

Hip-Hop Hooray

the get downn

The music. The epic dance-offs. Think Boogie Nights meets Boyz n the Hood with a splash of Step Up.

The Get Down Cost Major $$$ To Make

the get downn

In fact, with a budget of $120million the show is Netflix’s most expensive production to date. We wouldn’t expect anything less though from the dazzling director who spent over $100million on the uber glam and OTT remake of The Great Gatsby (with Leo in action again) in 2013. He reaped the benefits though – as the movie took over £350million at the box office, making it Luhrmann’s highest grossing movie ever and bagging two Academy Awards. Baz gets the big bucks.

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