The Very Best, Most Iconic, Most Outrageous Gemma Collins Moments

'You ain't ever gonna get this candy.'

gemma collins

by Bonnie McLaren |

Gemma Collins has had so many iconic moments she might as well have invented memes - hun. Since her first appearance on TOWIE in 2011, the GC has become an unstoppable force - so famous she's known by just her initials. From the unforgettable time she fell through the stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards to when she shrieked 'I'M CLAUSTROPHOBIC DARREN' on Celebrity Big Brother, here are Gemma's finest, most meme-able, most outrageous quotes and moments from her time on reality TV.


We simply have to start here. The catchphrase - shouted at Darren Day during CBB in 2016 - has become so iconic you can buy it on a t-shirt. They even released a single together last year - a cover of Baby, It's Cold Outside - and the pair donated the profits they made to Rethink Mental Illness, which was nice.

'You ain't ever gonna get this candy'

There's sass - and then there's a swimsuit-clad GC telling on-off boyfriend James 'Arg' Argent that he's never gonna get this candy.

When she tried to get rid of her GC alter-ego by having an exorcism

To be honest, I can't believe I have just typed this sentence. But as any TOWIE fan will tell you, this did actually happen. She got her castmates to write down all of her worst traits, and threw them into a fire.

An activity to consider doing on Halloween, perhaps?

Her fall at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

Luckily, Gemma remained unharmed when a trap door unexpectedly opened, although she did startle some of the Love Island cast and create one of the most iconic memes ever.

That Splash! dive

We applaud anyone who's not afraid to try new things, but din't try this at home: Gemma's dive on the ITV show didn't leave her unscathed, and she later showed the camera and Gabby Logan her bruises. Ouch.


Quitting the I'm A Celeb jungle... after 3 days

I mean, she didn't waste her time. After diagnosing herself with malaria, having a breakdown in the helicopter and making OTT threats, Gemma decided she couldn't hack the Australian jungle and promptly quit. Fair enough, we guess.

'I'm Gemma Collins, Ferne, I'm 34. I've earned my divaship'

The immortal words Gemma said to Ferne McCann still live on, even now.

Swapping a date in Paris for a spray tan

Oh, poor Laurence. When the GC was on Celebs Go Dating, Laurence was so smitten he offered to take her to Paris. But Gemma just wasn't feeling a trip to France, so she opted for a spray tan instead. (There was a lot of anger on the internet about this,).

Later, Laurence was dumped by Gemma... On Loose Women.

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