This Is How Much Frances Bean Gets From Kurt Cobain’s Estate Every Month

Frances Bean

by Rebecca Cope |

As the daughter of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, it would be fair to expect that Frances Bean has earned a considerable sum of money from his estate. After all, the iconic rockstar still holds sway over new generations of teenagers, 23 years after his death by self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Now, it has been revealed just how much the 24-year-old makes every month from her father's estate, in court documents from her ongoing divorce from estranged husband Isaiah Silva.

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According to People magazine, Bean earns over $100,000 a month, with $95,000 coming from publicity rights and $6,500 from dividends. At the same time, it is being reported that Bean spends $200,000 per month (mainly on legal and accountancy fees), something that she has contested: 'I’m sorry, but who has the time to spend $200k a month? That’s fucking absurd. None of the information that has been reported is accurate.'

Silva, her husband of two years, is trying to challenge Bean's stake in publicity rights to Nirvana. She also has rights to the grunge band's music, which he can reportedly not touch.

Following the reports, Bean shared a post on Instagram asking people to donate to the Humane Society's campaign for animals affected by the recent hurricanes, saying: 'Money is finine. Please donate to abandoned animals caught in the wreckage of hurricane Irma and Maria'.

Bean was most recently seen at the Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris with her mother Courtney Love, who she has had a tumultuous relationship with.

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