Phoebe Waller-Bridge Finally Explains Why The Hot Priest Broke The Fourth Wall

Makes sense, we guess?

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Over a year after we all became completely obsessed with Fleabag and The Hot Priest, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has finally explained why the Priest broke the fourth wall. Throughout the series, you'll remember Fleabag glanced and spoke to the camera - but nobody else would pick up on it. Until season two, when we thought she was destined to be with The Hot Priest - because he not only picked up on Fleabag talking to someone, but also broke the fourth wall himself.

And now, Phoebe has explained why she wanted Andrew Scott's character to do this. Speaking during a virtual BAFTA TV session called The Making of Fleabag, the Emmy-winning writer said that she wanted Fleabag's relationship with the camera and the viewer to be mirrored by The Priest's relationship with God. Clever.

'[Fleabag] has a relationship with the camera the whole way through and it was interesting to have somebody who has a similar thing,' she explained. 'He's mirrored 'cause he has God. And she's witnessed by the camera the whole way through and in the end, the big question for her is whether or not she can let go of the camera. And he's witnessed by God the whole time and is always having to check into that the whole time. And in the end he has the same question, so I just felt like it would be a really good way to mirror each other's journeys.'

But - spoiler alert - sadly it was not meant to be, as in the end, Fleabag says goodbye to the camera, and The Hot Priest opts for God to continue watching him as he remains in priesthood. (We're still not over it, okay.)

However, the actress doesn't think that Fleabag was talking to anyone in particular when she broke the fourth wall. 'I felt like it was symbolic of something I can't really explain,' she said. 'I feel like it's that pressure of being watched and feeling watched and feeling like if you're not being witnessed, does what you're doing count for anything, does it matter? She's constantly grappling with this need for the audience to be there, to validate her, and also to leave her alone so she can experience things on her own.'

Anyway, all this Fleabag talk has reminded us that we want a third series where The Hot Priest and Fleabag live happily ever after.

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