Emma Stone Has Moved On From Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone

by Rebecca Cope |

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were one of our favourite Hollywood couples of the 2010s. After falling in love on the set of 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man, in which the two played on-screen couple Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey, the pair dated on and off for three years, splitting in 2015 due to distance and work commitments. And despite our high hopes that the twosome might rekindle their love, it seems that Stone has moved on - dating SNL's Dave McCary.

The Oscar-winner and comedy writer were first introduced last year on the set of SNL, when Stone took over hosting duties (one of the segments she filmed 'Wells for Boys', was suggested by McCary). She returned to the show in December, and was also a surprise guest when Ryan Gosling hosted this September. They are thought to have been dating for three months, with the actress attending the premiere of his film Brigsby Bear in June, although no one paid any attention at the time.

McCary, who isn't dissimilar looking to Garfield, with his brown hair, eyes and facial hair, plus indie-boy appeal, has been working for SNL since 2013. He has a comedy sketch group, Good Neighbor, which he co-founded with university friends Nick Rutherford and Beck Bennett.

Dave McCary

Hopes of a reconciliation between Stone and Garfield seemed tangible earlier this year during Awards Season, when the friendly exes were often in each other's company at various awards ceremonies promoting La La Land and Hackshaw Ridge, which they were both nominated for. As recently as August publications were saying that the two were getting back together, but this latest development seems to have put the final nail in their relationship coffin.

Despite being a low-key, private couple, the duo were never shy about sharing their affection and pride in one another, often appearing playful together on talk shows to promote the Spider-Man films. Stone once said of Garfield: 'He's obviously one of the greatest actors, I think, we have alive today. He's also just a remarkable human being. I love him very much.'

They were also known for using pap shots as a way to spread the word around causes close to their heart, holding paper signs promoting charities such as Autism Speaks, Youth Mentoring and WWO, with the message: ''Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let's try this again. We don't need the attention, but these wonderful organisations do...'

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

While we wish Stone and McCary the best, we can't help but hold a candle to the Stone-Garfield days...

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