‘Don’t Ever Feel Like You’re A Weirdo’: Emma Stone’s Advice To Her Younger Anxious Self


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She's one of the world's highest-paid actresses in the world, who this year alone has bagged an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Bafta for her performance in hit musical La La Land.

But no amount of success will make Emma Stone immune from the debilitating effects of anxiety.

The 28-year-old star has been open about her battle with the mental health disorder, which she's suffered from since childhood.

And now she's keen to share the lessons she's learnt along the way.

Anxiety 'does get better and easier as life goes on,' Emma tells children ©Getty

In a brief but poignant video for the Child Mind Institute, Emma reveals the things she would tell her younger self about her struggle with anxiety.

Here are a few of her top tips...

It's normal to not feel OK

"You’re so normal, it’s crazy. Everyone experiences a version of anxiety or worry in their lives. Maybe we go through it in a different or more intense way for longer periods of time, but there’s nothing wrong with you... Don’t ever feel like you’re a weirdo for it because we’re all weirdos."

Anxiety can be an asset

"To be a sensitive person that cares a lot, that takes things in in a deep way, is actually part of what makes you amazing and is one of the greatest gifts of life. You think a lot and feel a lot - you feel deeply, and it’s the best. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even when there are really hard times."

It will get better

"There are so many tools you can use to help yourself in [hard] times, and it does get better and easier as life goes on and you start to get to know yourself more and what will trigger certain instances of anxiety and where you feel comfortable and safe."

Emma Stone suffered from crippling anxiety growing up ©Rex

Those tools Emma refers to could be breathing exercises, which she's mentioned using in the past.

"Before any interview, I have to sit with myself for five minutes and breathe and get centered because I get so nervous," she told *Access Hollywood* earlier this year.

"Interviews are kind of like therapy, except all your answers are being written down and printed. I always want to be on the other side of it. I don't want to be deconstructed for millions. I'd rather do the deconstructing."

The actress still vividly recalls her "constant" childhood anxiety, saying: "I would ask my mom a hundred times how the day would lay out. What time she was going to drop me off? Where was she going to be? What would happen at lunch? Feeling nauseous. At a certain point, I couldn’t go to friends’ houses anymore - I could barely get out the door to school."

Watch Emma's video on coping with anxiety in full right here{ =nofollow}.

If you're suffering from anxiety, find confidential and free support with the NHS or Mind.

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