Made In Chelsea’s Emily Blackwell: ‘I Hate Arguing With People, Believe It Or Not’

The Made In Chelsea favourite talks about the latest 'intense' series, and how it's impacted her relationship with Harvey.

emily blackwell

by Bonnie McLaren |

It feels we always say last night's Made In Chelsea was dramatic. But, believe us, last night's Made In Chelsea was dramatic. Ruby and Reza appear to be on the rocks after Reza was caught sending flame emojis to Verity on Instagram (so far, so 2021) and there was a lot of crying. But, in much happier news, Emily and Liv are now mates again (even if Liv did kind of stitch Emily up into meeting Maeva on her own, but that's Chelsea for you).

But, regardless of the confrontations that happen on the show, Emily tells Grazia that she's far happier when everyone is getting along. 'I mean it was very good to resolve things. I actually hate arguing with people, believe it or not, it's not really something I enjoy at all,' she told us before last night's episode. 'And I always knew me and Liv were going to be fine. I just had to kind of explain to her that I do have her best interests at heart and obviously, I've been, we've been friends for years - like literally about five, six years now - so it definitely be silly not to resolve things.' (The pair had originally fallen out after Emily had an argument with Tristan, Liv's boyfriend.)

Obviously, this series of MIC is different - as the whole cast are constantly getting on each other's toes, living under the same roof. But for Emily, she's seen it as a positive. 'I think the best thing about living in the houses was actually getting to know people on a much closer level,' she adds, 'I've made so many friends living in the houses. We were just so lucky to be able to do it, especially during a lockdown.'

And, luckily, Emily says it hasn't made that much of a difference to her relationship with Harvey, considering that the pair were living together beforehand anyway. 'I wouldn't say living in the house massively impacted our relationship because we're used to being together all the time. But obviously there's a lot more going on, as it is a lot more intense,' she says. 'I definitely say it makes it very, very, very intense, because not only are you filming a TV show, but also you're around people constantly. So it can get quite stressful.'

If you're already enjoying the drama, then rest assured, there's going to be even more. 'All I can say is, stay tuned people, because I think the best is yet to come,' she says.

Made In Chelsea continues on Monday at 9PM on E4.

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