Drake Just Publicly ‘Flirted’ With A Woman In A Pretty Creepy Way

Posting a photo of a stranger to 177million followers is not cute.


by Grazia Contributor |

When you’re a woman, there are few things more unsettling than getting an AirDrop notification in public from someone you don’t know. If you choose to open it, you have no idea what it’ll be... It could just be a genuine mistake as someone might have sent some photos to the wrong phone. But a lot of the time it’s a man trying to get your attention, in a very intrusive way. Sometimes with a cheeky meme, or, even worse, sometimes it’s a photo of someone’s gentials (also known as cyberflashing).

Turns out, even celebrities use AirDrop to hit on women. (Will we ever get a break?!) Drake just took things to a whole new level when he was out recently at a St Tropez restaurant. Not only did he take a picture of a woman - presumably without asking her first - and tried to AirDrop it to her, but when she rejected the request (presumably, anyway), he proceeded to put a picture of the woman on his story. ‘Tried to airdrop this woman a pic of herself cause she's a dime,’ he wrote, with a shrug emoji, followed by the cry-laughing face.

But the thing is, it isn’t very cry-laughing emoji. This type of behaviour is not funny, or cute. It’s odd enough to take the photo in the first place, but to then AirDrop it to her? And for him to then post a photo to his 177million - yes, 177million - followers, when she probably rejected the request? What on Earth was the man thinking!

As women, we should we able to go and eat in a restaurant, without fear of someone sneakily taking our photo. If you really want to flirt with someone, maybe try the old-fashioned way of speaking to them. Oh, and definitely don’t post a picture of someone you don't know on your Instagram story.

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