WATCH: Craig David Perform Live For GraziaxFB (On A Monday…)

Craig David

by Edwina Langley |

If only we could Re-e-wind to yesterday afternoon, we so totally would. Because Craig David was in the house!

Brightening up that drizzly and dreary Monday afternoon, the 7 Days singer took to the mike to serenade us (and you!) LIVE from our brand new (temporary) office at Facebook HQ. His performance forms part of a week-long series of fashion, food, fitness, beauty and music events which make up #GraziaxFB – a live edition of the magazine produced through Facebook with the help of you, the reader.

Craig David Grazia
Craig David performing live for GraziaxFB ©Emily Rohan

Playing a mix of classic and new material (such as 7 Days and Fill Me In, as well as his brand new single, One More Time), Craig performed an intimiate accoustic gig, wowing audience members (both in the GraziaxFB office and online) who tried their best to contain their enthusiasm. But they failed in a major way. Because, well, it's Craig David! And he was there, meeting us, on a Monday...

Craig David Grazia
©Emily Rohan

If you missed his pitch-perfect performance – screened live via our Facebook page – check out the best bits here:




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The tracks Craig performed were:

1.) Nothing Like This

Written by – Craig David, Jacob Manson (Blonde), Adam Englefield (Blonde)

Published by – Universal Music Publishing, Sony ATV

2.) 7 Days

Written by – Craig David, Mark Hill

Published by – BMG Chrysalis, Warner Chappell, Copyright Control

3.) When The Bassline Drops

Written by – Craig David, Big Narstie and Scott Wild (A.K.A White N3rd)

Published by – Universal Music Publishing, Copyright Control

4.) Rendezvous

Written by – Craig David, Mark Hill

Published by – BMG Chrysalis, Warner Chappell

5.) Fill Me In

Written by – Craig David, Mark Hill

Published by – BMG Chrysalis, Warner Chappell

6.) One More Time

Written by – Craig David, Scott Wild (A.K.A White N3rd), Tre Jean Marie

Published by – Universal Music Publishing, Copyright Control, BMG Chrysalis

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