Colin Firth Wants To Make A Love Actually Sequel

Sequels actually ARE all around...

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

It seems like Colin Firth is just as much of a Love Actually fan as you are. In fact, the thought of a sequel ‘sen[ds] shivers down [his] spine,’ which we’re taking to be a good thing.

Colin, who is currently reprising his role as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Baby, played crime novelist Jamie in Richard Curtis’s festive rom-com. After being cheated on by his partner, his character ends up relocating to France then learning Portuguese in order to propose to his housekeeper, Aurélia. Not that you needed reminding of that, because you’ve probably seen it every Christmas since 2003.

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Bridget Jones and Love Actually were both produced by Working Title, the team behind films like Billy Elliot, The Theory of Everything and Les Misérables - and most of the films in the Richard Curtis canon. We’re talking Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral

When The Independent asked Working Title co-chairman Eric Fellner which film he’d most like to follow up, he revealed that ‘one my founder Tim [Bevan] and I would love to do [is] another Love Actually. But that would be all about whether Richard Curtis wants to write another one. But that’s one we often talk about.’

When Firth was later asked about the potential for a sequel, he said, ‘Oh my goodness, you’ve just sent a shiver down my spine.’ Which is pretty much how we’ve always assumed that Colin Firth would speak in real life.

‘It’s never been asked or suggested before. Would it need to be the same people? I don’t know,’ he continued. ‘Why not. I’ll take whatever comes – just send me a good script and if the people are there…’

Over to you, Richard Curtis.

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