Watch The Same-Sex Couple Scene That Got Cut From ‘Love Actually’

A Same-Sex Couple Scene Was Cut From 'Love Actually'


by Grazia |

Well this is a game-changer! If you think you know the couples in Love Actually like the back of your hand (or love triangles in the case of Keira Knightley, Chewitel Ejiofer and Andrew Lincoln's characters) then think again. We've now learned that there was another couple who were ommited from the final film.

An older lesbian couple were orginally planned to be part of the interweaving stories, we've learned thanks to Buzzfeed.

In the film's DVD extras, screenwriter,producer, director Richard Curtis reveal there was a story in the original script involving the headmistress of Karen's (aka Emma Thompson) son's schools and her terminally ill partner.

The film has faced criticism for omiting a same-sex couple from its storylines, and given how moving the below scene is, it's a real shame it was cut. One more love story wouldn't of hurt, would it?

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