Any Woman Who’s Been Told They’re ‘Too Much’ Can Relate To Christine Quinn Toning Down Her Personality

Christine said she became more reserved in season two after receiving death threats - proving women still can't be their true selves.

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Like many in lockdown, we became obsessed with Selling Sunset. But our favourite character - by far - is Christine Quinn. For goodness sake, she's so extra that the theme of her engagement party to Christian was ‘Sexual Phantom of the Opera’. And she walked down the aisle in ruby-red Christian Louboutins to a string quartet playing the Ava Max hit Sweet but Psycho. Kind of the most iconic thing we’ve ever seen.

We all know reality TV is edited to cast people as heroes or villains, and Christine has previously said she felt like she was intentionally edited as the villain after she fell out with Chrishell in season one. Speaking to People recently, Quinn admitted that watching herself back on TV made her more self-aware about the way she was being edited, saying: ‘Season two, we definitely went into it a lot more careful.’

‘We kind of realised that chronological order is really just a messy thing in reality television,’ she continued. ‘I was thinking, “Oh, this will go after this,” and so we did our best in season two, but we noticed it still didn’t matter sometimes. We still couldn’t win.’

However, the direct effect of this was that she toned down her personality - probably something any woman who has been called ‘too much’ can relate to - so that she didn’t get as much hate on the internet. She continued: ‘We definitely were a little more reserved going into season two. I was scared. I was a little scared. The first few episodes of season two, the editors were like, “Where’s the other Christine? Where’s Christine?” I’m like, “Well, that Christine gets death threats.”’


Even on reality TV, being ‘too much’ as a woman is seen by many to be a cardinal sin. Famous or not, women who are seen as too fun, too brash, too extra, too loud, too honest, too sexual (you only need to look at the backlash against Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion{ =nofollow}’s WAP) are often put in their place - with people just asking, suggesting, can you just be a little bit less? It’s a throwback from the time when women were seen - and not heard.

Obviously these comments can knock the strongest of women. And it’s just not a comment that straight men - and let’s face it, they’re probably the ones doing the trolling - receive; men are never ‘a bit much’, they’re confident and proud. The next time one of them asks if a women can stop being so much, maybe they should wonder why they’re not capable of handling something that intimidates them.

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