Anna Faris And Chris Pratt’s Location-Based Divorce Rule

Anna Faris And Chris Pratt’s Location-Based Divorce Rule

    By Sophie Wilkinson Posted on 8 Nov 2018

    Divorce is a bureaucratic and messy and emotional process but amongst all that nonsense, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have had a very specific, neat rule into their settlement.

    The exes, who were married for eight years and have a six-year-old son Jack together, have agreed under the deal to never, or at least until Jack finishes sixth grade, live more than five miles apart from one another.

    According to papers seen by TMZ, if either of the parents, who have a ‘flexible timeshare’ of custody, want to move, they have to give the other party three months’ written notice. They also have to give the other 30 days’ notice if they want to travel out of the country with Jack.

    The idea is, we guess, that Jack has every right to not have to commute for ages to see either of his parents. Considering, though, Anna and Chris were recently photographed, with their respective partners (Anna is dating Michael Barrett, Chris is dating daughter-of-Arnold Katherinee Schwarzenegger) and Jack doing some trick-or-treating, is this sort of clause necessary? Well, maybe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    And it doesn’t seem as if either Anna or Chris is raring to leave whichever bit of LA they live in. That said, the city’s pretty huge, and this rule means that if Anna wanted to, say, live in the Hollywood Hills, and Chris wanted to live in Beverly Hills, they’d be 6.1 miles from each other.

    Being forced to leave near an ex sounds pretty grim on the face of it, but if you get on well and it’s for the peace of your child, well, it looks like it’s for the best.

    The divorce agreement also set child support to zero, which means both parents pay into a bank account for Jack’s monthly expenses, which, with this rule in place, won’t include too many hefty Uber bills!

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