In Which We Discuss The Theory That Chris Pratt Is The Male Jennifer Lawrence

You know, apart from the fact that they're different people and all that.


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You’ve probably heard of Chris Pratt by now. Hell, you’ve probably pretend-planned your metephorical marriage and seven children with Chris Pratt by now. Currently starring in Marvel Comic’s new comic-book-film-with-a-difference *Guardians of the Galaxy, *Chris Pratt is also currently on the longest press tour of all time, during which he’s been doing a number of heart-melty, glorious things while being the funniest guy that ever did live.

Off the back of this wonderful-ness, there’s been a few mutterings on Twitter that Chris Pratt might just be Hollywood’s new version of Jennifer Lawrence. I mean sure, we get it, he’s self deprecating, humourous, got an IDGAF attitude when it comes to the conventional manner of conducting oneself in a PR sense, but maybe you guys, just maybe, they’re just two people who happen to have super-great personalities.

But hey, who are we to argue with what Twitter says. Here’s a few similarites we’ve found between them.

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They’ve both got skeltetons in their acting career closets

You already know about J-Law in the old My Super Sweet Sixteen commercial when she was a teenager (PLEASE tell us that show’s still going on), but Chris Pratt’s not exactly exempt from embarrassing nostalgia lols.

Before he was Andy Dwyer on Park and Recreation and before he was Summer’s crusty love interest Che in The OC, Chris had a part on Everwood, the wholesome American drama series I got addicted to one summer because all my friends went on holiday without me.

Check out this DARLING clip of Chris playing a character called Bright who’s clearly suffering from all the teenage angst.

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They’re both delicious to look at and they both feature highly on our coveted ‘People we’d like to bone in a metaphorical sense but not IRL because we really like their other halves’

Both stars are decidedly easy on the eye – even Chris Pratt during the ‘tubby years’(as we're affectionately calling them). Their winning looks added to their winsome personalities means they pretty much come joint first when it comes to our most-fancied celebs.

If the chance presented itself though (sorry, we mean when), we’d have to graciously decline due to the fact that we respect their partners too damn much. I mean Nicholas Hoult starred in About A Boy and came out the other side looking cool (a mean feat) and Chris Pratt is married to (and children-ed with) Anna Faris who, I think you’ll all agree, is pretty freaking great.

Except for her part in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. We can’t ever forget about that.

**They both do ‘making a dick out of yourself’ far better than we ever could


We know J-Law’s big on the old HI-larious face pulling pictures, the falling downs and the old putting her foot in it when talking to journalists, and Chris Pratt seems to be made of the same stuff. Whether it’s doing an impression of TOWIE, rapping Forgot About Dre or making swooshing noises on Jimmy Kimmel, this guy manages to make looking like a total loser the coolest thing ever.

SO not the same effect we had that time we thought it would be funny to re-create the *13 Going On 30 Thriller *dance at our cousin’s wedding. ** **

They’re both really talented at really stupid stuff

Chris Pratt totally owned French plaiting that intern’s hair, which is a talent we have ourself yet to master, but did you know that Jennifer Lawrence can pull her mouth about like it’s attached to a piece of string? Yeah, take that one Chris Pratt. We know which talent we’d find more useful come the apocalypse.

![Jennifer Lawrence string trick on Make A Gif]

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