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Camilla Parker Bowles Has A Secret Reason For Skipping The Royal Wedding

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Is it all far less amicable than we'd previously thought?

When it was reported earlier this week that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, would not be attending the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank on Friday due to a ‘previous commitment,’ there was some surprise: it seemed somewhat unusual that a senior member of the royal family would be skipping such a high profile event, even if an official visit (in this case, to a school in Scotland) had created a scheduling conflict.

Now, a new report in the Telegraph has suggested another reason for Camilla’s absence: according to one insider, the Duchess is allegedly hosting a shooting party at her Scottish home over the weekend, despite Eugenie’s wedding date having been announced ‘months ago.’

‘The truth is that Camilla has a house party for a few friends,’ the source told the paper. ‘They are arriving on Friday and will be there over the weekend. The date of the wedding was known eight months ago so it’s strange Camilla organised her house party this weekend.’

The report certainly suggests that the Duchess’s absence is a more deliberate snub than previously assumed, and there has been some speculation as to whether a ‘rift’ between Camilla and Eugenie’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, might be the root cause.

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Sarah, Duchess of York, was a close friend of the Prince of Wales’ first wife, Diana, and a report published by the Express this summer suggested that Sarah and Camilla ‘came to blows’ in ‘an enormous row that absolutely no-one saw coming’ while staying with the Queen at Balmoral. It was alleged that the dispute might have centred upon ‘the pain and heartache Camilla] caused Diana over her affair with Charles.’ [Prince Andrew, meanwhile, is sometimes referred to as ‘the Queen’s favourite son,’ and this is often cited as a point of contention between the brothers.

Another source, however, told the Telegraph that ‘they get on very well, the couple has no issue with it – they have known about the diary clash for some time,’ adding that Charles and Camilla usually ‘host events every day throughout this period every year’ at their Scottish home.