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British Airways Has Come Under Fire For Sexist Ad Encouraging Women To 'Find Another Prince'

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Whether it’s Meghan’s coat, Harry’s shoes or that ring, since Monday’s royal announcement it has been impossible to avoid the onslaught of marketing campaigns utilising the engagement to sell, sell, sell.

British Airways were one of the companies to get in on the action but the travel giant manage to get it rather wrong.

‘That's it girls - he's taken…’ the ad wrote in reference to Prince Harry’s engagement.

‘Now go and find another kingdom with a prince still single. The world is your oyster,’ it continued alongside flight prices for destinations where you can find the aforementioned Prince. Suggested destinations included Luxembourg, Dubai and Bangkok.

While it can be assumed the ad was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, the suggestion that all women are searching for their Prince Charming is sexist, offensive and at the best, simply tone deaf.

As Twitter user Nicole Valentinuzzi‏ pointed out, ‘this is not the way to inspire women to travel in 2017 thanks.’

British Airways weren’t the only ones, Easyjet went down a similar route when it came to capitalising on the engagement. On Twitter they shared a video with the words, ‘No Princes left here, find your Prince Charming somewhere else’ with a list of single Princes and the accompanying flight deals.

‘Who would even think of this? Where's the corporate message telling men there are plenty more Meghans in the sea?’ an angered Twitter user replied. We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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