Meghan Markle Honoured By Beyoncé And Jay Z At The Brits

The Duchess of Sussex's royal highness was not overlooked by music's biggest power couple...

Brit Awards/ITV

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Meghan Markle can count Beyoncé and Jay Z as fully signed-up supporters after the Brit Awards. Fresh from of being criticised for the audacity to, um checks this week’s notes have a baby shower in New York with a few of her friends, and um, checks other notes from this week and it’s not even Thursday yet not invite the sister who likes slagging her off in the press, the Duchess of Sussex was honoured by two of pop’s biggest stars.

The married couple won an award for best international group for their joint album THE CARTERS and sent the Brits a video message to share their gratitude for the award. That doesn’t mean they don’t like the Brits, it’s just a schedule clash thing. None of the international winners - including Drake and Ariana Grande - could make it, and Ed Sheeran was too busy being globally successful, on tour in Uruguay to collect his global success award. Anyway, Jay Z and Beyoncé’s acceptance speech will be noticed the world over, due to its praise of Meghan Markle.

The video is a riff on of the visuals that the pair used in their video for the song, APESHIT, in which they appear in front of Leonardo DaVinci’s beautiful-inscrutable Mona Lisa in Paris’s Louvre Museum. With the refrain 'Can't believe we made it', both the song and video are a comment on black people's long walk to reaching equality, and was heralded by none other than Barack Obama.

This time round, the world’s most famous and influential black power couple turned to gaze adoringly at the regal Meghan, in place of the Mona Lisa. In the painting, she’s depicted wearing a massive tiara, as well as pearls and diamonds. Even if certain tabloids, commentators and racist wingnuts can’t accept Meghan as royalty, Jay Z and Bey were delighted to show them how real respect for the monarchy is done.

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