Celebs Are Now Drinking Breast Milk – And The Internet’s Alight

Over the weekend, KJ Apa uploaded a video to Instagram enjoying a breast milk latte.

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Rich in protein, sugar, vitamins and minerals, breast milk is kind of a super drink. It's just that - you know - usually, you only drink it as a baby. At the same time that documentary aired on Channel 4, Breastfeeding My Boyfriend - which if you haven't watched it, does exactly what it says on the... bottle - it turns out actual celebrities are now mixing breast milk into their coffee. And there's proof on the internet.

KJ Apa, who you might know from Riverdale, posted a video onto his Instagram account this weekend, where he can be seen pouring milk from a (baby) bottle into his coffee. Captioning the post 'my wife is a milk machine and I love it' he looked very pleased when he had the first sip. (His girlfriend Clara Berry - who many are now speculating is KJ's wife thanks to the caption - welcomed a baby just three weeks ago.)

The Cut have now called breast milk the new IT milk, so all the other milks can move over. And in the article, it comes to light that KJ isn't the only celeb to give it a try. They recalled the time Jennifer Aniston admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she'd tried breast milk. And that Amber Tamblyn said she had tried her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star Blake Lively’s breast milk back in 2017.

But, if you go way, way back, the trend isn't surprising, as in season two of Friends there was literally an episode called The One With The Breast Milk. In case you can't remember, Phoebe and Joey try breast milk - and the episode ends with a disgusted Ross trying the milk (with some Oreos, too).

So, erm, would anyone like a breast milk with their latte?

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