Riverdale Season 2 Is On The Way, Here’s What We’re Expecting

Because that last episode of the Netflix series was almost too much to handle. What else could possibly be in store for the characters of Riverdale?

Riverdale Season 2 Is On The Way, Here’s What We’re Expecting To Happen

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Holy shit, that final episode. Did you watch it? I hope you watched it. Not only because otherwise, the next few minutes you spend reading this will open you up to a whole host of spoilers you’re probably not ready for, but also because OMFG so much went down. Too much went down.

And now, while we’re left in that cold, dark and uncomfortable space otherwise known TSL (Television Series Limbo), all we have left to do is fantasise about what could possibly happen next when the second season of Riverdale finally hits our screens.

But first, let’s check in on what we do already know for sure and try to work out where it’s all going to go from there…

The Riverdale Season 2 teaser trailer isn't all that helpful

Just a whole lot more tension around where we left off at the end of the first season. But we still have some really important questions:

Who killed Jason Blossom?

Yep, we’re jumping right on in with the heavy stuff. The first series of Riverdale revolved around the town trying to work out who killed Cheryl’s twin, Jason. And we did. It was his dad. It was all very dramatic and borderline draconian, but would a Blossom murder be any different?

We’re all still a bit confused by just how much the Southside Serpents actually have to do with the whole debacle minus being hired by Jason’s dad to essentially host the murder and dispose of the body. But everyone loves a dangerous looking gang in leather jackets who, despite all of their wrong doings are deathly loyal to their own. So, their story definitely won’t be over just yet. Which brings is nicely onto…

Jughead: Southside Serpent?

Fantastic question. We’ve got a good old fashioned battle of nature vs nurture, does the apple really not fall far from the tree, type dilemma here. Jughead spent most of his life trying to avoid his dad FP’s (who is indeed a Serpent) trouble making and drag him over to the right side of the tracks. It looked like it was going to work for an episode or two but then FP was framed for Jason’s murder, falsely confessed to it to protect Jughead from Pappa Blossom's threats and is probably going to serve some serious time for not snitching on the Serpent’s other wrong-doings. It’s all a real shame.

In the last episode, Jughead and Betty’s canoodling is interrupted just before it reaches rated-R levels of fooling around by a knock at the door. It’s the serpents coming over to tell him that they know FP kept quite and that they’ll treat Jughead like one of their own. Juggy is then ceremonially offered one of those bad boy leather jackets which he puts on immediately. Does this mean he’s a serpent? I hate to break it to you but I think it does. And I also think the next series will see an only amplified version of Betty and Jughead’s battle as a couple.

The non-existent Archie - Betty love story

No, silly. He just thought he was for a little bit when he saw how happy she and his best mate Jughead were doing. I like he got a bit jelly. But I believe he is truly into Veronica. How long that will last, who knows. Archie-kins doesn’t seem to have much staying power when it comes to the ladies of Riverdale. Shout out to Valerie from Josie and The Pussycats. You did the right thing by walking away girl.

Then there’s also the awkward complication of Archie being the son of the man who Veronica’s mum had an affair with even though she kind of always knew her husband (who was in jail at the time) would be back. That might get in the way a bit.

The return of Hiram Lodge

Veronica’s dad strolling back to Riverdale obviously isn’t going to go down well, is it? Especially after he arranged for Jughead’s beloved drive-in to be devalued, trashed Fred Andrew’s construction site and, you know, committing fraud and embezzlement.

I’m predicting a few large-scale fall outs between Hiram and wife Hermione, daughter Veronica, the Serpents and let’s throw in Betty’s mum Alice in there too. In case you’re wondering who’s going to play this mysterious and cut-throat businessman, next season we’ll be welcoming Mark Consuelos to the cast.

Is Archie’s dad Fred Andrews alive?

Because he was attacked by a masked man in the diner and the last thing we saw wass Archie distraught, trying to holding his dad who is led on the floor bleeding far too much for there to be as speedy a recovery as we’d like Fred to have. But then, this is Riverdale, anything could happen.

If Fred doesn’t make it though, would that be the push that finally convinces Archie move to Chicago and live with his mum? So many possible plot twists at play.

Betty has a secret brother

Oh yeah. This was a really dramatic storyline that was far too casually thrown into an emotional conversation between Betty and her mum. Remember when Alice invited Jughead’s dad over for dinner before the school dance and then FP alluded to some huge argument that she and her husband had had at their prom? Yeah, that argument was about Alice’s teen pregnancy.

Alice went to the convent that she later sent her eldest daughter Polly to when she fell pregnant with Jason’s twin babies. She gave up the baby and the Sisters helped her put him up for adoption. And if Betty’s fearsome determination to get to the bottom of, well, everything, is anything to go by, I bet my last Pops milkshake of Betty and the gang tracking him down. I might be wrong, but something tells me they won’t have to look too far from home. Just a hunch.

How helpful is the Riverdale Season 2 Motive Trailer?

And here it is: The CW have released the season 2 trailer, chillingly entitled 'Motive', speculating on who shot Fred and why. Jughead's voice can be heard teasing, 'If robbery wasn't the motive... People hold grudges.' Still no answer of course but we know better than to expect things to be at all what they seem. Besides the all the blood and furrowed brows, there's also a cheeky suggestion of a Varchie wedding which is w-a-hey too much to process.

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