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Brad Pitt Is 'Healthier And Happier' After His Break-Up, Apparently

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Time to tick ‘Brad Pitt’s personal wellbeing in the wake of his high profile split from Angelina Jolie’ off the list of things that are keeping you up at night, because Brad is doing just fine, thank you very much, according to a new report from E! News.

After the actor was spotted at the Gersh Agency’s pre-Oscar event last week (Brad skipped the actual ceremony, and we can only assume that he spent the time sculpting just like he did last year), a source told E! that Brad is in ‘a good place’ following his split from Angelina, and is beginning to come to terms with the very public break up.

‘The separation was brutal and a very sad time in his life. [Brad] made some important changers and is much better off now. He is happier and healthier. He has an active social life and has rekindled old friendships. He goes out to dinner a lot and enjoys out doing different things,’ the source revealed. And before you get too excited, we’re guessing the ‘rekindled old friendships’ line doesn’t necessarily refer to Jennifer Aniston.

‘Brad spent a lot of time alone and in private looking at himself and re-evaluating what was most important and who he wanted to be,’ the source added. ‘Now he’s in a place where he’s implemented those changes and has a lot more clarity. He’s come out of that dark time and is in a much better place.’ Brad, we’re happy for you.

The actor, whose split from second wife Angelina was announced back in 2016 and was reportedly followed by lengthy negotiations over the custody of the couple’s six children, has recently signed up for Quentin Tarantino’s latest project, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Inspired by the Manson murders of 1969, it will also star Leonardo DiCaprio, with Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie rumoured for the female lead role.

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