This Is The Unexpected Reason Behind Brad Pitt’s Oscars No-Show

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by Katie Rosseinsky |
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While the monumental Best Picture gaffe at this year's Academy Awards ceremony might have managed to eclipse even the biggest stars sat watching in the Dolby Theatre, we were still left wondering why one major Hollywood figure was nowhere to be seen in the audience.

Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment was the production company behind Moonlight, the eventual winner of the Best Picture Oscar, and it was widely assumed that the star would attend the ceremony on Sunday night.

Pitt, after all, was a surprise attendee at the Golden Globes earlier this year, when he arrived on stage to present a clip from Moonlight and was met with spontaneous applause from the crowd.

brad pitt golden globes
Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes 2017 ©Getty Images

As it turned out, Pitt chose to skip the ceremony, and for a reason we would never have guessed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the star was 'otherwise engaged, holed up creating a sculpture at British artist Thomas Houseago's Frogtown studio.'

Yes, you read that correctly. Brad ditched the Oscars in order to work on his sculpting.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that Houseago is a well-known sculptor with 'many fans, including Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis and Flea.'

While no one knows what form - or medium - the sculpture was taking, the source revealed that Brad had been working on it for 10 days. 10 whole days.

In both his film making and his sculpting, we can't fault Brad's commitment to great art. Maybe he's working on a baby shower gift for his friends George and Amal Clooney?

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