Solange Reveals What It’s Like To Have Beyoncé As A Big Sister

Spoiler alert: it's pretty great

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Beyoncé interviewing her sister Solange is surely the front cover premise that dreams are made off, but that’s just what the latest issue of Interview magazine has pulled off: a sit down discussion between the two Knowles sisters, touching on everything from their childhood to A Seat At The Table, from strong women to loving The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In an Instagram post revealing her front cover, Solange ‘after interviewing my mother and father for A Seat At The Table, it feels like full circle to have chosen my sister to interview me for @InterviewMag […] It is one of my favourites to date.’

solange interview magazine
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The interview naturally touches on the idea of sisterhood, and how being raised around strong women has inspired Solange’s life and work.

‘Growing up in a household with a master class such as yourself definitely didn’t hurt,’ she says. ‘As far back as I can remember, our mother always taught us to be in control of our voice and our bodies and our work, and she showed us that through her example.’

Solange goes on to explain that, while her work and her worldview have definitely been shaped by those around her, she also has her own specific point of view – and who better to explore and question that view than her sister?

solange knowles interview magazine
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‘I do have – and I’m unafraid to say it – a very distinctive, clear vision of how I want to present myself and my body and my voice and my perspective. And who better to really tell that story than yourself? Which is a huge part of why I wanted you to interview me for this piece […] it felt right that, as a family, this closed the chapter of our stories,’ she explained.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that Beyoncé used her time in the interviewer’s seat to ask whether she had, you know, fulfilled her big sister duties well over the years. Solange’s answer? ‘You did a kickass job. You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever.’ We expected nothing less, but it’s nice to hear it confirmed by S herself, who adds that ‘in the 30 years that we’ve been together, I think we’ve only really, like, butted heads […] we can count on one hand.’

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