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All The Celebrity Snapchat Usernames You Need To Follow And More (Warning...There Is A Lot)

Best Celebrity Snapchat Names To Follow

If Jamie Laing talking about his new hair cut is what's missing from your life, then here's how to follow him on Snapchat

Celebrities and Snapchat. Surely that’s a PR nightmare, right? Well, it appears that most celebrities relish the chance to self promote. Kylie Jenner, Rhianna and Gigi Hadid are some of those who’ve grasped the opportunity to obsess over themselves (even more) with both hands.

We’ve done the hard work for you and added all the celebrity Snapchat usernames we could find to see if they were legit. The results were glorious! We’ve been having a whale of a time peeking into the lives of our favourite celebs and there were a few curve balls as to who was the best value for a giggle.

Turns out creating a celebrity snap chat provides the opportunity for stars to embrace their alter egos. Kylie Jenner channels her inner gangsta with @KylizzleMyNizzl and Arnold Schwarznegger’s @arnoldschnitzel, makes him sound like that yummy breaded chicken dish your parents made you try that one time you were in Austria. Mmm.

Click through below for the top celebrity snapchat usuernames you need to add right now:


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