Barack Obama And Joe Biden Just Reached Peak Bromance

'Joebama forever'


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It’s the relationship that catalysed a thousand internet memes.

Sorry Michelle but Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden became #couplegoals when Instagram account ‘Joebamabromance’ introduced us to a carefully curated feed of laughter-inducing images of the pair.

From grabbing vanilla ice cream to catching a basketball game together, Obama and Biden have had us double tapping every heart-melting moment they’ve spent side by side.

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And in Obama’s own words he just gave the ‘internet another chance to talk about our bromance’.

Following his shout out to the Vice President in his farewell address, Obama went one step further to ensure that Joe truly understands just how much the president has appreciated his support over the past eight years in office.

Yesterday, Obama led an unsuspecting Biden into a room crowded with supporters and loved ones before declaring: "I just wanted to get some folks together to pay tribute to somebody who's not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service to this country. The best vice president America's ever had, Mr Joe Biden.”

But what happened next touched not only Joe but the depths of the internet, as Obama announced that he was giving Biden the nation's highest civilian honour, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Obama presented an emotional Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom ©Getty

When Joe understood what was happening, he pulled a tissue from his back pocket to wipe away his tears, shying away from the crowd.

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Closing his eyes to accept the medal, Joe was clearly touched by Obama’s tribute to his colleague and friend.

Biden thanks Obama for the honour ©Getty

And political views aside, the internet couldn’t cope, sharing GIFs and memes in a viral tribute to the pair one last time.

Of course the internet reacted as expected [via @joebamabromance] ©Getty

Joe for president?

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