Made In Chelsea: Are Sam Prince and Inga Valentiner Still Together?

Fans are speculating that their love affair has not ended well...


by Aaliyah Harry |

Ah Made In Chelsea, how we've missed you! Last night series 23 kicked off with an explosive start. From Victoria fraudster fiancé announcement to Maeva D’Ascanio demanding James Taylor put's a ring on it ASAP. However, the status of many relationship's on Kings Road - including Inga Valentiner and Sam Prince's - is more complicated than it may appear to be...

Are Made In Chelsea's Sam and Inga still together?

Viewers were shocked to see that Sam Prince and Inga Valentiner were very much together during last night's episode. The pair had quite a rocky ride last season which added to the surprised reactions. Last season Inga announced she was dating Sam Prince and it was met by horrified groans from her cast mates, Maeva and Paris Smith.

We all know Sam has quite the reputation in Chelsea - and it’s not the best one. The standout memory fans have is of him cheating on Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo in her own bed… without even changing the sheets after. In true Sam Prince fashion his attention quickly turned to Verity Bowditch and there was a complicated love triangle.

Although they seem very loved up this season, all is not what it seems. Fans are speculating that they have actually broken up. Many people are pointing out that Inga unfollowed Sam on Instagram last month. Sam used to make frequent appearances on her Instagram stories but has now disappeared. They also posted a few TikTok's together last year which has now stopped. We all know in today's age of social media that equals a nasty breakup.

Sam Prince ha also been spotted on dating apps, which although it doesn't confirm his relationship status either way, has led to some speculation that he may once again be single. We must also remember that the show was filmed a while ago so, a lot can change during a few months or weeks.

It now makes yesterday's episode all the more awkward as Inga came face to face with rival Verity. She called Verity 'thirsty' for pining after Sam. She was also very much advocating for her relationship with him and dismissed any foul play from his side - this has got to sting now!

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