MIC’s Victoria Baker-Harber Will Stand By Fiancé – Despite His Seven Year Jail Sentence

Her art dealer fiancé has been imprisoned for his part in a fraud scheme worth $86million.

Victoria Baker-Harber

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In the latest series of Made In Chelseaviewers were shocked to hear about Victoria Baker-Harber'sart fraudster fiancé, Inigo Philbrick. In the show, she revealed, 'He's being held in a place with maximum security. I've only seen him once since this whole thing happened and he was shackled.'

Philbrick has now been sentenced to seven years for his part in a fraud scheme worth $86million. (Yep, that's a lot of money.) But Victoria is standing by him. She told The Sun: 'I’ve kept quiet and been slated and painted as a gangster’s moll on the run. It’s so far from the truth.' Speaking about their one-year-old daughter Gaia, she added: 'She doesn’t know she doesn’t have a father yet. I dread the day I have to start explaining things to her.

Victoria also described the MDC, the notoriously grim Brooklyn jail where Philbrick has been held as 'barbaric', saying: 'He is in there with a guy on a quadruple homicide charge in his cell.' In response to rumours that the couple had split she said: 'I've stood by him and will continue to do so.'

Who is Inigo Philbrick - Victoria Barker-Harber's fiancé?

Inigo Philbrick, 34, was once one of the world’s most well-connected art dealers. He was born in Connecticut in the US and rose to notoriety in the art industry after moving to the United Kingdom and studying at Goldsmiths University. After graduating he started working as an intern at The White Cube Gallery. A few years later Inigo opened his own art gallery in Mayfair and another in Miami. Over time he built up a 53 million fortune - which has now been frozen. When he was not working on his art, he was reported to be the ultimate party boy. Victoria and Inigo started dating In 2017.

Why is Inigo Philbrick in jail?

Over the summer of 2020 Inigo was arrested by the FBI in Republic of Vanuatu, in Oceania. He had been evading the police for eight months and when caught was charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Inigo Philbrick was accused of stealing £15million from art dealers as he allegedly sold them artwork at hugely inflated prices.

When questioned why he committed multiple crimes in court he replied, 'For the money, your honour.'

Do Inigo Philbrick and Victoria Barker-Harber have a child together?

Victoria Baker-Harber surprised the nation when she announced she had given birth to a baby girl, following a secret pregnancy. Victoria made her pregnancy announcement in Hello! Magazine in a photoshoot alongside her daughter Gaia-Grace. However, one person was missing -Victoria Baker-Harber’s fiancé and Gaia’s father. In Hello! she opened up about the difficulties of rising a baby on her own, 'As hard as it's been not to have Inigo around, I've been lucky to have amazing friends and amazing family.'

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