Scammer Anna Delvey Has Apparently Avoided Deportation To Germany At The Last Minute

The woman whose life inspired Netflix's Inventing Anna is still in the US.

Anna Sorokin

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Anna Sorokin - who conned New York's social scene under the name Anna Delvey - was scheduled to be deported back to Germany yesterday evening. However, it appears she never boarded the plane at Newark airport last night.

Sorokin's attorney, Manny Arora, previously confirmed to Insider that she was set to be released from jail in New York on Monday afternoon and put on a plane headed to Germany. He also told NBC, 'I haven't heard from Miss Sorokin this afternoon so I am working under the presumption that she is being deported.' But instead of getting on the flight from Newark to Frankfurt, the Russian-born scammer is said to have found a way to block her deportation.

Anna was set to land in Frankfurt at 09:15 this morning butGerman police have confirmed she was not on this flight,and none of the passengers who arrived at Frankfurt airport this morning said they had seen her board the airplane.

Reporter Daniela Hoffmann told, '[Sorokin] absolutely has not arrived today, and we have been waiting several hours for her. Anna supposedly fought so hard against getting onboard the flight, that in the end she was not allowed on board,' Hoffmann said. 'She didn't want to be deported to Germany, because she wanted to stay in the USA – and for this, she wanted to be given a second chance. I think everyone deserves a second chance in life.'

The US Justice Department Board of Immigration Appeals previously issued a decision on 17 February denying Sorokin's many appeals to remain in the United States. The decision allowed the US immigration authorities to deport her. However, her attorney Manny Arora explained to Insider that Anna is still within a 30-day period where she can appeal the decision. He stated that it is 'not legally appropriate' for Anna to be deported before 17 March and a 'paperwork error may have occurred'.

Anna's story has been memorialised by Netflix hit, Inventing Anna. The limited series depicts the rise and fall of the fake German heiress who scammed New York's elites. She ended up swindling business and friends out of $275,000 during her 10-month spree. Anna was eventually sent to prison after being convicted of attempted grand larceny, three counts of grand larceny and a misdemeanour charge of theft of services.

Anna was released from prison on 11 February 2021, after serving just three years of her original 4-12 year sentence. After being released, she slipped right back into her old ways (thanks to her alleged £230,00 Netflix salary.) She checked into a NoMad, a luxury New York Hotel, and posted pictures of expensive dinners to Instagram. But just a month after her release in March 2021, Anna was taken to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) custody due to her expired US visa. She was later detained in a New Jersey facility.

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