Inventing Anna: The Real Instagram Accounts To Follow

From Anna herself to Rachel DeLoache Williams, personal trainer Kacy Duke and best friend Neff Davis.

Anna Delvey

by Bonnie McLaren |

Anna Delvey might be behind bars, but that's not stopping her from posting to her Instagram account. Since Inventing Anna - the real-life story based on the 'fake German heiress', who duped the wealthiest in New York - dropped on Netflix, with tons of new followers, Anna's Instagram has been going into overdrive. She's done everything from give shoutouts to her good friend Julia Fox to then calling out Rachel DeLoache Williams, the former Vanity Fair staffer who one of the show's characters is based on. If you want to give Anna a follow, she's on @theannadelvey on Insta.

But Anna - played by Julia Garner in the series - isn't the only person from the show who is active on socials. Anna is still best friends with Neff (played by Alexis Floyd) who recently posted on Instagram defending her portrayal on the show. You can follow the filmmaker, who has since moved to LA in pursuit of a career in film on @filmcolors.

As for Kacy, the trainer played by Laverne Cox, she's also on Instagram, posting on @kacyduke. Kacy recently spoke to Grazia, explaining why she decided to be referred to by name on the show (as in the original article by Jessica Pressler, she was simply referred to as 'the trainer'). ‘I trusted Shonda [Rhimes, the creator of the show],’ she said. ‘When she told me she wanted to offer Laverne Cox the role I thought, “Wow, she’s perfect.” I needed someone to play me who had been through something in their life, who had to choose to fight back. It was just right.’

You might have seen that earlier this week Anna addressed her feud with Rachel DeLoache Williams, claiming that the journalist - who wrote a book, My Friend Anna, about her experience - tried to write a book with Anna. Anyway, you guessed it, Rachel (played by Katie Lowes) is on Instagram - and you can find her @rdwilliams.

Vivian Kent - the journalist on the show who wrote the original article on Anna, making her story famous worldwide - might have been a fictional character played by Anna Chlumsky. But Vivian was based on New York Magazine contributing editor Jessica Pressler, who also wrote the article behind the 2019 film Hustlers, starring J Lo and Lizzo. Want to find Jessica on Instagram? She's on @presslerj.

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