Anna Delvey Paid Other Inmates To Do Her Laundry In Jail

Naturally, the so-called Soho Scammer found someone to be her 'jail assistant'.

Anna Delvey

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We knew Anna Delvey's interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast would deliver some gems, and Anna did not disappoint. As well as stating she did not consider herself a con-artist ('absolutely not') she also gave us a glimpse into her life in prison, telling host Alex Cooper that she had a 'jail assistant' who did her laundry. Of course she did.

In the interview, Anne explained that in the Rikers Island jail (where she spent two years before her conviction for grand larceny and theft of services) you can 'not do your laundry' and any clothes need to be hand washed. The solution? 'Just pay somebody to do it', Anna said.

'Wait, so you were paying people off in jail to just, like, do your stuff?' asked Cooper. To which Anna replied, 'Yeah, absolutely...they actually think I'm, like, super rich.' Anna also added that she had been 'buying tablets' and 'phone minutes' from other inmates so she could communicate with the outside world.

Anna recorded the interview from Orange County Correctional Facility in upstate New York via video chat, before she was meant to be deported to Germany (although it seems her lawyer managed to block the deportation at the last minute as she never arrived in Germany).

'I never, like, told any senseless lies. Unless they were, like, a bank.'

In the episode, she also denied she ever told people she was a German heiress, saying: 'No, like, no one introduces yourself like that. Like, what kind of sentence is that? It's completely ridiculous...I cannot testify to what people are assuming about me. I don't know.'

However, when Cooper asked her if she'd ever lied about her family's background or wealth, Anna admitted, 'I guess I did. I mean, I cannot tell an exact instance.. but all of that, I never, like, told any senseless lies. Unless they were, like, a bank.' Defending her behaviour, Anna said she 'never intended to permanently harm anybody'.

'I literally cannot come up with a single example where I'm like yeah, let me fuck this person over and they'll never see their money ever again.'

Listen to the full interview with Anna on the Call Her Daddy podcast

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