Angelina Jolie Is Reportedly Stopping Jennifer Aniston From Seeing The Kids She Shares With Brad Pitt

Ange is believed to have filed for sole custody amid rumours of a Brad-Jen reunion.

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Since Angelina Jolie first filed for divorce in 2016, she and Brad Pitt have been embroiled in custody negotiations over their six children – and if recent reports are anything to go by, it sounds like resolution is still a fair way off.

Having filed for sole custody, Angelina has allegedly banned Brad from letting his (other) ex-wife Jennifer Aniston spend time with the kids; meanwhile, rumours of a Brad-Jen reunion have been reported steadily over the last few months. While their rekindled romance remains unconfirmed, the potential A-list love triangle only gets more complicated when coupled with reports that Shiloh Pitt will be featuring in an upcoming film alongside her dad’s old flame – The Goree Girls, co-produced by Jennifer Aniston. If that’s true, perhaps Angelina found the whole arrangement a little too close for comfort.

Angelina Jolie and family

Bear with me, and get your pinch of salt at the ready, because this chain of transmission is far from simple. So: Celebrity Insider obtained a report from New Zealand magazine Woman’s Day, which includes quotes from a source purportedly close to the former couple. And that source says: ‘Angelina has privately demanded that Jen be banned from seeing her kids. And to add insult to injury, she has filed for a new child custody evaluation against Brad. It’s come as a huge shock to everyone — including the kids’. The unnamed source continues, explaining that ‘Brad has just started to feel like his life was back on track after three years of hell and he was hoping the divorce would be finalized by May, so this latest curveball has got him questioning what else he could possibly do to prove the kids are his number one priority.’

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Sounding a little cliche to my ears (bitter exes, hapless husbands), and following even more outlandish speculation – that Brad and Jen are not only back together but engaged, and planning to adopt a little girl called Georgia named after George Clooney(?!) – it’s hard to say what’s what. Whatever the custody situation, hopefully it can be resolved as soon as possible.

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