‘We Should Be Voting For What We Want For The Future’: Love Island’s Amber Gill Endorses Labour

The reality show winner recently sat down with Grazia's Bonnie McLaren and talked fake news, Brexit and why it's so important to vote.

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We doubt you need the memo, but there's anelection happening right now. And, if there’s one person who really wants you to head to your local polling station, it’s Love Island winner Amber Gill{ =nofollow}. ‘You always have to vote,’ the 22-year-old tells Grazia. ‘It’s really disappointing when people don’t vote. We should be voting for what we want for the future.’

And this morning, Amber took that one step further, endorsing Labour as people head to the polling stations. 'I'm not going to lie I was kind of feeling fragile today and didn't want a fight on Twitter so tried to be impartial but I just had a shower & remembered I'm 100% that bitch so #VoteLabourToday,' she tweeted.

Talking to Grazia at the launch of her new podcast, Reality Check, a passion project that she’s launching with fellow islanders Anna Vakili and Yewande Biala – Amber quickly steered the conversation towards politics, something she passionately cares about. ‘I absolutely love politics,’ she tells us. ‘That sounds crazy and I don’t know where it comes from because my mum and dad couldn't care less. It’s a very weird subject, but I love it.’

How does she keep up with the political landscape, with fake news and Brexit, in 2019? ‘You’ve got to be really clever about what you’re reading,’ she says. ‘When you’re searching it’s not easy to get the information and maybe that’s the issue as well.’

But before you imagine Amber running for MP – we’d vote for her – she says that she needs to learn more before she gets involved. ‘I mean I could get involved with it but I think I would need to learn a lot more because I [only] know the basics,’ she says. ‘I know a bit but if I’m going to do something I want to feel really confident that I know what I’m doing. I’ll keep sussing and retaining all the information – and then maybe one day.’

Who is she going to vote for, I ask? She laughs, telling us that she ‘doesn’t have a fucking clue’ - but she has since tweeted #VoteLabourToday. Diplomatically, she also says that she’s been seeing things from both points of view with Brexit.

Politics aside, on the podcast, Amber, Anna and Yewande will be tackling issues from relationships (having been on Love Island, it's pretty clear that they're experts), body image and how to navigate social media. 'I feel like collectively we just went through so much in the villa and just want to give out some advice,' she says.

Produced by Yahoo and distributed by Yahoo and Acast, Reality Check will be available to listen to on all major podcasters – includingiTunes,Spotify, and Google - from 12 December.

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