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Alexandra From Love Island Just Landed Her Perfect #Spon

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Alexandra Cane’s Love Island love story was nothing if not infuriating. Giving Alex chance after chance despite clearly deserving much better than him, she fell foul to many a bad romance in the villa. Her one true love that we could all get on board with however was snacking, particularly snacking on Pot Noodles.

Alexandra and a Pot Noodle went together like Dani and Jack, everywhere you looked they were together. Lying in bed? Pot Noddle. Having a serious conversation? Pot Noodle. In the middle of a party? Pot Noodle. They were as inseparable as Georgia and her loyalty.

And now, Pot Noodle have finally returned the favour of endless advertising she gave them, by making her the face of their brand-new launch, Pot Rice. Yes, just like Meghan, she has abandoned her former love to make way for a new, younger model, and finally got the #spon she has always dreamed of.

In a very Wes-esque move, Alexandra is captured telling the Pot Noodle that she’s ‘happy, but could be happier’ before moving on to Pot Rice. They also managed to fit in the ever glorious ‘100% my type on paper’ catchphrase into the advert, because if we didn’t already know Alexandra was on Love Island, might as well ram it down our throats a little bit, huh?

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The seemingly perfect brand coupling is one of many Alexandra stands to gain from, as earlier this year Frontier Economics concluded that Love Island contestants can expect to earn up to £1.1 million from sponsorships and paid appearances. More lucrative the completing a degree at Oxford of Cambridge University, the study showed that for those who cannot attend such highly academic schools, Love Island is probably your best bet to compete financially with the privileged elite that attend them.

Three years full of difficult lectures, exams and coursework to get a high-paid but highly stressful job or eight weeks tanning in a villa to get sponsored by Pot Noodle? Hmmm...