Toilets Are Being Programmed To Analyse Your Poo. No, Really

Everything you need to know about the smart loo. Instrumental or intrusive? We take a look.

Smart loo

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In a world where you can have your DNA tested to find your perfect skincare prescription, and sync your electric toothbrush to your phone, it should come as no surprise that tech has innovated to include loos that can analyse your poo. Ah, Gillian McKeith, the OG stool analyst would be thrilled – or out of a job. Remember her? The nutritionist who used to fork through faecal matter on Channel 4's hit series You Are What You Eat. Like her or loathe her, she spoke some sense (italics to appease the medically trained critics). For example, she once told a participant on the show, mid examination, 'what I see here are these little cuts... the little cuts mean that your spleen is not working properly'. She even went on to release a book on the subject, in which she furnished readers with facts such as 'floating stools that will not flush show a liver imbalance'. Yes, Gillian's fascination turned us into a nation of poo-gazers, and a poo literate one at that.

It's the continued and avid interest in, um, excreta, and the clues that it holds about our health, that made tech giants like Panasonic move in. Last year the brand launched a smart toilet in a China that syncs with an app and allows users to analyse their fat percentage and urine. The aim was to allow users to detect underlying health issues before they got too bad, to stop overcrowding in hospitals later down the line.


TOTO, the world's largest toilet manufacturer, are already in the process of rolling out a line poo examining loos. Already dubbed the Wellness Toilet, the new release could launch in as little as two years, and it's already been confirmed that the toilet will supply users with a range of health recommendations via an app, based on their stool sample. If you squint you can see Gwyneth and her disciples on the horizon right now. If vaginal steaming made the cut then a smart loo is an easy sell, right?

The perceived problems of smart loos? Well, our data for a start. Please, tech companies, run riot with our poo stats. Sell them to third parties if you will. And you can bet your bottom dollar that insurance companies are going to get in on the action. Vitality already offer their policyholders discounted Apple Watches, so that they can track their activity and earn rewards. What's next? Logging our bowel movements. No thanks.

There is, pun intended, a lot to digest here, but it's fair to say that we're dubious. For now, we'll be sticking to the Bristol Stool Chart.

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