Skincare Expert Nilam Holmes Reveals Her Top Holistic Beauty Tips

She even counts the Beckhams as clients

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New research from Westfield’s How We Shop platform has revealed that the nation, now more than ever, is taking a more holistic approach to beauty. We're looking beyond cosmetics to skincare, health, and wellness.

With this in mind, Grazia sat down with celebrity skincare expert, Nilam Holmes - who counts the A-list likes of the Beckhams as clients. Holmes talks us through the art of embracing a holistic approach to wellness and beauty.

'As an expert with over 30 years' experience within the beauty and wellness industry, I’m so pleased to see a shift to wellbeing over aesthetics as an approach to beauty,' Nilam said.  'The research findings by Westfield reveal that stress affects a third of women when it comes to their skin and this is something I see a lot with my clients. Of course, no products alone can combat stress on the skin – I always advise a combination of lifestyle changes and multi-use, hybrid products.'

'A few years ago, hyaluronic was a huge buzzword, now vitamin C is one of the most googled skincare ingredients,' reveals Nilam. 'Vitamin C has numerous benefits when it comes to skin, it is an incredible antioxidant and even helps to boost the skin’s protection from UV damage.'

'With so much more focus on skincare, consumers are becoming way more educated about their skincare routines. Gone are the days of simply washing and moisturising. People are using more products and learning how to order them. This is where skin cycling comes in. Skin cycling involves using your products based on a periodic schedule, usually weekly, where products are used on a cycle to complement, not clash with each other. Skin cycling is already a popular trend I think we'll see the obsession grow this year.'

On Seeking Out Expert Skincare Advice

'I would always advise visiting an expert for a consultation so they can assess your skin in person, advise you of your skin type and find a skincare routine that works for you. Research by Westfield shows that 10% of Brits feel completely overwhelmed by information relating to beauty and skincare on social media, and often waste money on products that aren't necessarily right for them. Whether you spend on a derm appointment or visit a store and speak with a pro for free, the expert advice you get will likely proved invaluable, and you'll be directed to products that work for you. You can even head to your nearest Westfield which has counters ranging from Neal's Yard to Kiehl's - each with dedicated skincare professionals on hand to offer training-backed skincare advice on demand.'

Fancy getting in on the insider info? Nilam shares her 4 top tips to promote holistic wellness:

Nilam Holmes' Top Holistic Wellness Tips

1. Invest in yourself

'It’s about looking after yourself on a holistic level and extending the same care you take choosing and spending on your beauty products to your health and wellness. Our lifestyle has a significant impact on stress levels, which can lead to the regular breakouts and sensitive skin issues many of us experience. It essential to address the root causes of stress before relying on topical products – and remember, a happy mind makes for happier skin and a healthier body.'

2. Lock down your perfect skincare routine

'The internet serves up an overwhelming variety of skincare tips and tricks, but it is important to remember that everyone's skin is like a fingerprint – different on a cellular level – so face-to-face consultations are priceless. An expert will recommend products and give you an effective routine that will pay dividends when stuck to consistently.'

3.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

'Mositurising on the daily helps to keep your strengthen your skin barrier against external aggressors and internal stress factors. Remind yourself that dehydrated skin is also less resilient to environmental irritants, so make sure this important step is consistent in your routine. Add a hyaluronic acid in by way of a serum - each molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold on to up to 1000 times its weight in water - and apply a moisturiser on top.'

4. Make the most of beauty supplements and vitamins

'With established beauty brands offering an astonishing variety of products which target beauty and wellness with an inside-out approach – think herbal teas, collagen, IV drips and vitamins - there is plenty to choose from. Not a fan of capsules? Try adding a flavourless supplement to your morning coffee each morning. The possibilities are endless.'

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