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You might’ve embraced the excuse to avoid exercise when lockdown was first announced announced, but nine months in and lockdown two making us lazier than ever, it seems everyone is getting slightly antsy with their main form of exercise being moving from the couch to bed. So much so, people are actually hiring and renting gym equipment to build themselves a home gym.

From renting spin bikes to hiring squat racks, there are plenty of options online to turn a corner of your home into a real gym. Plus, a number of businesses have stocked up with resistance bands, ankle weights and much more. Check these out for yourself…

Where to rent gym equipment


Rent Gym Equipment - Grazia

Concept 2 Rower1 of 6
CREDIT: Homegym

Concept 2 Rower

The Concept 2 Rower is £12pw to rent and has aluminium front legs and steel rear legs for support. It can also be separated into two parts for easy storage.

Rent Gym Equipment - Grazia2 of 6
CREDIT: Homegym

The U90 Stage I Dumbbells

These dumbbells are £12pw over 6 months and have a weight range of 2 – 22.5 kgs per hand and will replace 16 pairs of dumbbells or 374 kgs of free weights.

Concept 2 SkiErg3 of 6
CREDIT: Homegym

Concept 2 SkiErg

The SKIERG offers one of the most challenging strength and fitness workouts available in a fitness machine. At £14pw over 6 months, it works your core, arms and legs at the same time.

Classic Run 1.0 Treadmill4 of 6
CREDIT: Homegym

Classic Run 1.0 Treadmill

The Tunturi Classic Run 1.0 features a longer than standard running deck. The smooth and silent motor means you won't interrupt your house even doing long-distance running. At £14pw, it's a popular one.

Carbon Bike Dual H8705LW5 of 6
CREDIT: Homegym

Carbon Bike Dual H8705LW

Designed for intense workouts, this exercise bike is £12pw to rent over 6 months.

Bench and weights to hire6 of 6
CREDIT: Hire Fitness

Bench and weights

This sturdy, fully-adjustable bench and set of power blocks allow users to choose from a weight range between 2.5kg and 40kg per hand for an intense workout. Replacing the need for several pairs of dumbbells, the bench has been constructed to sustain regular use. You can hire these from Hire Fitness from £17pw.

Where to buy gym equipment and accessories


Home Gym Accessories - Grazia

CampTeck Push Up Bars1 of 18

CampTeck Push Up Bars

This press up bar pair has non-slip foam handles for extra grip and works as a push-up press-up stand for chest, arms and shoulder workouts.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia2 of 18

Body Power Weighted Bag, £22.99

Choose from nine different weights for this body power bag.

Cast Iron Weight Plate3 of 18

Cast Iron Weight Plate, from £3.90

With weight plates up to 20kg available, you definitely don't have to lose your gains in lockdown.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia4 of 18

Kettlebell Set, £18.99

These York Vinyl Kettlebells come in a set of 2kg, 3kg and 4kg.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia5 of 18

Men's Health Power Rig Pulley and Accessories, £99.99

For use with the Men's Health Power Rig, this Pulley and accessories includes four carabiner attachments - a lat pull down bar, straight bar, dual foam padded hand grips and ankle strap.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia6 of 18

Aerobics Step, £21.99

This low impact, non-slip step is perfect for core workouts.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia7 of 18

Gymshark Resistance Band, £15

These bands are available in light, medium and heavy strengths.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia8 of 18

Resistance Pro Band 11-Set, £39.95

Fitne brings you the ultimate resistance band bundle with 11 resistance bands, 2 handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps, 1 bag and 1 exercise guide.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia9 of 18

Gymshark Foam Studio Block, £12

Getting into yoga in lockdown? You'll need this.

Home Gym Accessories - Grazia10 of 18

Let's Train Skipping Rope, £6

Nothing like taking your skipping rope on your government-sanctioned walk to feel like a whimsical child again.

Dumbbells set11 of 18
CREDIT: Amazon

Dumbbell/Barbell set, £84.95

This heavier dumbbell set can be transformed into a barbell to complete a wider range of exercises. At £84.95, it's an investment - but with a weight max of 30kg it's worth it.

Dummbell set12 of 18

Dummbell set, £15.99

With weights up to 5kg available, these dumbbells are available in a range of colours.

Mini Stepper with training ropes, £44.9913 of 18

Mini Stepper with training ropes, £44.99

Keep yourself moving in lockdown with this handy mini-stepper, the twist action helps tone thighs, buttocks while the resistance bands work arms, chest, back.

Lululemon yoga mat14 of 18

Lululemon yoga mat, £58

No workout would be complete without a yoga mat, and Lululemon do them best.

Exercise Ball15 of 18

Exercise Ball, £15.99

Whether you want to strengthen your core or improve your posture and balance, an exercise ball is the perfect addition to any home gym. An Amazon best-seller, this one is easy to inflate and has an anti-burst structure.

Home Gym Equipment - Grazia16 of 18

Elieko Weightlifting Training Discs, from £189

With discs as heavy as 25kg, Eieko has managed to retain stock of these vital home gym necessities for any weightlifters.

Home Gym Equipment - Grazia17 of 18

Eleiko Weightlifting Bar, £682

A barbell is the stable of any professional home gym, it's an investment for sure but once you own this 20kg bar there are a ton of exercises available to you bound to increase those gains.

Home Gym Equipment - Grazia18 of 18

Eleiko Light Squat Rack, £512

Even this light squat rack can take a maximum load of 350kg, making weightlifting at home easier than ever. It's a big investment, but with the lockdown rollercoaster we've had it's looking more tempting than ever.

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