Millie Mackintosh’s 4 Tips To Combat Pregnancy Sickness

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Millie Mackintosh is the picture of sun-kissed vitality when she logs onto our Zoom call. She's dialling in from London mere days after returning from a sun-drenched holiday in Greece. Her hair and glowing skin speak of beach days and balmy evenings eating al fresco, so it's hard to imagine her looking anything but fresh, even when she brings up the subject of pregnancy sickness.

'I suffered the most with morning sickness during my first pregnancy,' she remembers, 'everything was so new to me and I felt very freaked out.' No longer naive to the experience, Millie had a few tricks up her sleeve when it came to her second pregnancy. 'Sienna was eight-months-old when I became pregnant with Aurelia,' she says, 'by then I was more conscious of what I was eating and I made sure to prioritise myself.'


As anyone familiar with the unpleasant phenomenon that is pregnancy sickness will know, these bouts of nausea often feel unavoidable, whether they come and go, or you're stuck with a spell of it for days on end. There are some things that can help though. And no, we're not going to be the 101st authority to advise you to sip on an insipid cup of ginger tea. An old hat at pregnancy sickness herself, Millie has a few hacks that might help:

1. Eat The Rainbow

'During my first pregnancy everything I craved was a world away from what I would usually eat,' says Millie, 'everything I ate was beige, which is absolutely fine, but it was a shock to my system and my gut that made me feel even worse once the nausea hit. During my second pregnancy I was much more conscious about what I was eating. I was indulging my cravings, but made sure to eat the rainbow too, to make a play for a real variety of colours when it came to my food. My digestion felt more balanced and the nausea didn't feel as extreme.'

2. Prioritise Your Gut

'It's the place that starts churning when the nausea hits, so it makes sense to take care of it throughout pregnancy,' says Millie, 'I'm a huge fan of Symprove and I make sure to take it every day.' Millie is a long-time fan and ambassador of the probiotic supplement brand that celebrities and wellness experts alike have long been lauding for its gut-friendly benefits. 'I remember I stopped taking it during my first pregnancy, I was scared nothing was safe, but this is and I made sure to continue taking it daily when I was pregnant with Aurelia. It aids my digestion and keeps my gut happy. My stomach certainly felt a lot more settled during my second pregnancy.'

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Symprove's Daily Essential probiotic supplement has long by lauded by celebrities and wellness

3. Eat Despite The Nausea

'Again, prioritising myself and my nutrition throughout my second pregnancy had a huge impact on my experience of morning sickness,' says Millie, 'it wasn't just about what I ate, but when I ate. Making sure to eat even a little, even when I felt sick made a difference too.'

4. Try A Sweet

'I made sure I always had a bag of ginger sweets to hand durning my second pregnancy,' says Millie, 'they really helped. I found some called Ginger Gins.' They're certainly tastier than a ginger tea and much more handbag friendly.

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Vegetarian, gluten free and made with vitamin B6 for an added energy boost, these sweets are made

If you are suffering from severe pregnancy sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum, then it isimportant that you seek medical advice. Support and advice on dealing with pregnancy nausea available fromPregnancy Sickness Support.

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