WATCH: Workshop Gymnasium’s Lee Mullins’ Training Session Feat. Jacqui Ritchie

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How much fitter would we be if we took part in a little 15-minute workout at lunch time? Much fitter is the answer. Whilst normally we're too busy wolfing down our ham and cheese sarnie to bother with exercise, as part of GraziaxFB, we thought we'd make an exception just this once.


We invited Workshop Gymnasium's Lee Mullins to come in to our (temporary) office in Facebook HQ to give us a short training session. Only we didn't want to be filmed on camera doing it ourselves, so we recruited a fitness expert to do it for us – model and mum Jacqui Ritchie.

For 15 minutes, Lee put Jacqui through her paces – talking her through a series of stretches, lifts and skips – all of which she undertook with the skill of a pure pro.

IF ONLY we looked as good working out...

Check out how the session went, and maybe try the workout too if you feel brave enough, by watching the video here.

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