6 Expert-Approved Ways To Beat A Hangover, Fast

Feeling the effects of the night before? These tips will take the edge off

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It's ok, we've all been there during the festive period. A glass of Buck's Fizz over breakfast, a G&T while you're cooking, a glass of red while you're eating, and for a nightcap, Baileys of course. Cocktails if you're feeling particularly merry.

It's not until the next day - with your thumping head, unquenchable thirst, nausea and fatigue - that you realise you've over done it. You are, well and truly, hungover.

Some choose to ride the wave, but for others, the thought (read: head) is too much to bear. You cannot function, because Google, seriously: can you die from a hangover? Chances are if you've landed on this article, you belong in the latter camp, and are in desperate need of some sage advice.

While there is no miracle cure for a hangover, these are 6 digestible tips from experts that'll take the edge off, and make your hangover that little more tolerable. Read them, and swear you'll never drink again....

1. Boost your blood sugar

According to Dr. Ionnais Liakas, Medical Director at Vie Aesthetics, alcohol consumption can also affect your blood sugar levels, which is often the reason behind fatigue, weakness and irritability.

'Boosting them with carbohydrates is always a good idea, ' he says. 'Snacking on some toast, pasta or rice will elevate your blood sugar and give you more energy. Excessive alcohol consumption can negatively effect the metabolism of glucose. Indulging in some high-carb foods will restore lost energy and help with lethargy.' Good news for carb lovers...

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Both Dr. Liakas, and Lola Biggs, Dietician at Together Health, note the importance of hydration after a big night.

'Drinking water can help restore necessary fluids and can help the bloodstream and circulatory system carry oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues in your body," says Dr. Liakas. Lola Biggs reminds us of the diuretic effect alcohol has on the body. "Try adding a little honey and salt to your water to make your own rehydration drink, as this replaces not only lost water but also sugars and essential salts.'

Lola also recommends coconut water. 'It's a great idea for hydrating a hungover body as it’s full of vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium which help replenish, maintain, and balance fluid in the body.'

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3. Eat Eggs

As far as hangovers go, consider them a superfood.

'They are crammed full of vitamin A, D, E, K, B12, B2, B5 and are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. They also contain two amino acids – Taurine and Cysteine – which are brilliant at helping fight a hangover,' says Biggs. 'Taurine can aid the liver by flushing out toxins quicker while Cysteine helps to break down acetaldehyde, which is a by-product of alcohol metabolism.'

4. Load up on vitamin supplements

Had a big night out in your diary for a while? Biggs recommends getting ahead and stocking up on your vitamin supplements.

'There’s no magic pill, but there are certain supplements you can take to help you function and feel better. Ideally you want to start taking them in advance of the party season. One of these is vitamin B, which has long been praised as a hangover helper. It boosts your body’s metabolism, produces energy, and replaces the B vitamins lost the night before.'

Dr. Liakas also praises B vitamins, particularly B12.

'Vitamin B12 is an essential, water-soluble nutrient for vitality and wellbeing. It aids your digestion, helps you to regulate mood and assists in maintaining a healthy immune system. As with all vitamins - especially after excessive drinking - Vitamin B12 is a vital component to any healthy and active lifestyle.'

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5. Have some ginger

While some are guilty of exaggerating the benefits of ginger, Biggs reassures us that incorporating some ginger into your diet when you are hungover can help.

'Ginger has been used for centuries for its calming properties and can help alleviate nausea. I always make sure I’ve got some ginger tea or fresh ginger root in the house. Drinking as a warming tea helps relax the GI tract and lessen tummy troubles. Ginger is also great added to your smoothie, juices, or yogurt.'

6. Catch up on some sleep

That's right: snooze. Research suggests that drinking more than six units in one evening can make us spend more time in deep sleep, and less time in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep; the important, reparative time for our bodies. It'll leave you tired, no matter how much time you stay in bed. It's something Dr. Liakas recommends, too.

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