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Here at Grazia, we're vocal advocates for body positivity. We were obsessed with the #mermaidthighs Instagram trend, we're in love with Chrissy Teigen's penchant for sharing snaps of her stretch marks and Iskra Lawrence is the model of the moment in our eyes.

Which is why we're currently enamoured with the Instagram account of self-proclaimed 'body positive feminist warrior' Megan Jayne Crabbe aka @BodyPosiPanda, who shares pictures celebrating the natural female form - whatever its size and shape.

'I'm a recovered anorexic, recovered self-loather, trying my best to shatter the 'not good enough' mentality we've all been taught about our bodies,' she writes on her blog. 'As you'll know if you follow my Instagram, I'm a big fan of belly roll love, exposing diet industry lies, and wearing pastels.'

Not only does she share tongue-in-cheek body positive tips (3 tips to get a cute tummy: 1. look at your tummy, 2. say 'wow that is a cute tummy, 3. now you have a cute tummy') and pictures of fellow Instagrammers to follow (including @sassy_latte, who opened up about her mascetomy scars online) but she also shares 'reverse' before-and-after pictures - showing her when she was unhealthily obsessed with her weight and now at her happiest.


Whats more, she also premepts people's comments about her weight gain, coming back with her own reponse before they can critique her.

''But surely you can't be happy looking like that now, I could never be happy in that body.' I didn't think I could either, but as it turns out, happiness isn't a size,' she wrote on Instagram. 'And I wasted far too many years believing that it was. Now I'm not going to stop letting people know that they deserve happiness exactly as they are. They deserve to live now, not 10 pounds from now. They deserve that mental freedom. So to every person reading this: I hope you get your freedom too, however it might look. I'll be cheering you on every step of the way.'

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