The Best Yoga Mats For At Home Workouts

Stretch out and de-stress with our picks of the most comfortable mats on the market


by Remy Farrell |

Let's talk at-home yoga. Adjusting to lockdown and those ever changing restrictions have likely have taken its toll and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of going back to work after such a turbulent time, so taking the time to unwind properly should be high on your agenda. For many, yoga is their wind-down activity of choice. Keen to get involved? You're going to need a mat.

These lightweight, cushioned yoga mats also provide a supportive base for aerobics, core and low impact movement, and full-body stretching. Scroll down to shop the best of the bunch below.

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The Best Yoga Mats To Shop Now

alo, Warrior Mat, £95
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Yoga buffs will already be familiar with the very instagrammable alo Warrior Mat. Made with ethically sourced, all-natural rubber, this springy, lightweight mat provides joint support on an anti-odour, anti-slip base that is favourited by professionals.

Yolke Wellness,  Ocean Vegan Yoga Mat, £19.99
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Made from organic Jute fibres, this mat manages to be eco friendly and practical, repelling sweat and odour while also being 100% biodegradable. Light and easy, the mat rolls out flat from the very first use and can be packed away easily with the handy carry strap.

Lululemon, The Reversible Mat, £44
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There is an antimicrobial additive to this mat to help prevent mould and mildew forming on the natural rubber base. The top layer absorbs excess moisture to help you get a great grip, while the base is cushioned and textured grip to stop slips. (But, people with rubber or latex allergies should be wary of using this mat as it might irritate skin).

Theragun, Yoga Mat, £75
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From the best in professional, deep tissue massage comes an impressively ergonomic yoga mat. Fans of Theragun's tools include professional sports teams, physical therapists, and trainers, so this mat comes well tested. High-grade PU is lightweight with a super grip for total stability and control.

Terragrip, Yoga Mat With Asanaalign Body Alignment System, £69.99
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Perfect for beginners, the markings on the mat make it easier to find your balance, re-align and hold your form in poses. It's also longer and wider than most mats to give you plenty of room to move.

M Life Eco Luxury Heritage Yoga Mat, £48
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This bestselling reversible mat sells out quickly, and for good reason. The velvet soft cushioning and durable, latex free reverse are perfect for comfortably supporting poses and postures.

Sweaty Betty, Super Grip Yoga Mat, £65
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Reviews herald this mat as the champion of excellent grip, so those with non carpeted floors, rejoice! At 4mm thick it may be a little on the thinner side for some, but can be layered with a yoga mat towel.

Umi, Pilates Mat, £32.99
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If you ever felt joint pain while exercising on a mat, try one with a thicker base like this one from Umi. At 10mm it is double the thickness of standard yoga mats to provide additional comfort and shock absorption, and that means no more aching knees. Bring on the child's pose.

Bowern, The Rose Floral-print Rubber Yoga Mat, £115 at Net-a-Porter
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Bowern are the leaders in luxury mats with beautiful designs. The microfibre top layer has a vegan suede feel and is UV-protected, so when the weather clears up you can move to outdoor sessions.

Benefits Of Yoga Sessions At Home:

Fi Clark, Head of Yoga at FLY LDN, explains just how beneficial yoga can be for our mental and physical wellbeing and shares some of the top benefits of practising yoga regularly.

  1. 'Your breath control in yoga helps to stimulate focus and concentration throughout the day, thus increasing productivity,' says Clark.
  1. 'Taking time away from sitting at your desk and stretching out eases tension around the neck and shoulders.'
  1. 'Regular and gently joint movement ensures you stay supple and agile.'
  1. 'Starting and finishing your day with as little as 15 minutes of yoga helps you to maintain daily routine, mental clarity and physical harmony.'

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