Wait, A Night At Victoria Beckham’s Favourite Wellness Retreat Costs How Much?

It's a top notch hotel, spa and medical centre in one. And it doesn't come cheap...

Victoria Beckham Wellness Retreat

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Victoria Beckham took to Instagram this weekend to share a post from a wellness week that she had jetted off to in Germany. Victoria's caption read 'Back from a week of wellness at the amazing @villastephaniebadenbaden @brennersparkhhotel!'. Victoria is no stranger to the retreat, her last visit - to out knowledge - being the same time last year when she was accompanied by husband and fellow health obsessive David Beckham. Then Victoria posted an idyllic picture of the two together to her grid with the caption, 'Postcard from our wellness week in Germany! Kisses @davidbeckham xx @villastephaniebadenbaden @drharrykoenig'. It goes without saying that Villa Stéphanie has long been on our radar and any Victoria-Beckham-approved wellness retreat deserves our full attention and a comprehensive explainer. Scroll on down to learn more about one of VB's favourite wellness destinations.

Villa Stéphanie describes itself as a 'Hotel, Spa & Medical Center in one - A complete House of Wellbeing situated next to the Black Forest'. That'll do.

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Victoria Beckham mentioned Dr Harry Koenig who, according to Villa Stéphanie, 'creates personalized therapies for you based on naturopathic medicine in association with the finest clinics and one of the best and most highly trained specialists. Needless to say the Beckham's were likely treated to a little more than your average herbal tea spa massage!

Everything You Need To Know About Villa Stéphanie

So what exactly did Victoria Beckham experience during her wellness retreat? Villa Stéphanie boasts a 'broad-based team [that] stands, among other things, for many years of experience in the fields of spa and medicine. We offer our guests a unique professional staff, from masseurs to private diet cooks.'

You can't really knock a place that offers massages and a private chef now, can you? There's an entire mansion (yes, mansion) covering an area of over 5000 sqare metres that's solely devoted to spa purposes.

Not too shabby!

Prices for the Royal Suite begin (note _begin_) at £3674.95 per night

So How Much Does A Stay At Villa Stéphanie Cost?

Prices for a single night at Villa Stéphanie start at a mere £399.25 (OK fine, 'mere' is the wrong word), and if you fancy upgrading to the Royal Suite? Prices for the Royal Suite begin (note begin) at £3674.95 per night.

Guests can enjoy freshly prepared room service and can choose from a set of programmes focused on detox, immune boosts, weight loss and health and beauty. It remains to be seen which programme Victoria and David Beckham opted for respectively but it's safe to say they enjoyed their time spent at Villa Stéphanie together. Victoria's Instagram snap showed her and David perched on a wall mid-wellness-retreat, side by side, enjoying the beautiful views out over the Black Forest and Baden Baden. Well, we wouldn't say no to an invite, let's put it that way.

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