Meet The £8 Beauty Hero That Will Stop Your Thighs Chafing This Summer

Finally, an end to the suffering.

Anti Chafe Balm

by Laura Capon |

Thigh chafing is one of the by-products of summer we could really do without and unfortunately, we’ve learnt our lesson the hard way that it’s not one that just goes away of its own accord.

Many a summer holiday marina walk has been ruined by having to repeatedly stop to readjust and distort our shorts as that all too familiar red rash starts to rear its head. Meanwhile, the coolness of any floaty dress is immediately lost when you have no option but to wear cycling shorts underneath.

We’ve even resorted to hacks like applying our deodorant in-between our thighs, but all that’s resulted in is a fear of leaving a mark on chairs.

Thankfully, a new product has launched which will change the life of anyone who lives in fear of the dreaded chub rub.

Just landed in the UK, Megababe’s award-winning Thigh Rescue already has a cult following in the US and it only costs £8.

Described as an “anti-chafe champion”, Thigh Rescue is a balm which can be used on thighs, toes, shoulders, elbows and anywhere else friction might occur.

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It works by providing a barrier between your skin and also contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient list including aloe, orange oil and ginger root to help with any uneven tone.

Exclusive to Cult Beauty, Megababe was founded by body-positivity champion Kate Sturino who wanted to launch a brand aimed at “troubling taboos”. As well as Thigh Rescue, the line includes a fruit enzyme deodorant and underarm mask.

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