How To Tap Into Your Intuition To Improve Your Mindset

Author and clairvoyant healer, Emma Lucy Knowles explains how intuition can help us find focus in an age of distraction

tap into intuition

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Intuition is synonymous with our gut feeling. It’s the ability to understand something instinctively based on feelings rather than facts. For example, those situations where you think ‘I can’t explain how, but I just knew that was going to happen.’ Often, however, we choose not to listen to intuition. ‘We allow its voice to become crowded out by the noise of modern life, our ego and it's fears,’ says author and clairvoyant, Emma Lucy Knowles whose new book The Life-Changing Power Of Intuition is dedicated to giving people the ability to tune in and take back their intuitive power. ‘The book is filled with practical exercises that will allow you to take your intuition quite literally by the hand, rather than let your mind race away with ego, for any situation life many throw at you.’

So, what exactly is intuition?

‘It’s that soft and subtle voice that whispers to you, often disguised as your own’ says Knowles, ‘the voice you never quite learned to trust.’ As a society, we have learned that it’s conscious reasoning and rationality that should be called upon to make decisions as opposed to instinct. However, according to Knowles intuition is our most reliable guide and the voice of truth. ‘It’s that gut reaction, sent as if by magic to guide you towards what you need and away from what you don’t.’

‘Intuition is not just for the special or the few,’ she adds, ‘we are all intuitive, each and every one of us, and the secret to understanding it comes from learning what it means to you.’ To do this, Knowles recommends speaking to your intuition, connecting with it and developing a relationship with it.

How to tap into your intuition to improve your mindset

Tip 1: Meditation

‘To tap into your intuition is to find your version of meditation,’ explains Knowles, ‘it could be crystal meditation or journaling, for example.’ The goal? ‘Focus the mind on what you want more of, rather than what you lack - as the intuitive self is empowered by positive reinforcement.’

For journaling, Knowles suggests listing down 10 things you’re grateful for at the end of every day. ‘The mind plays this list over and reinforces it before you hit sleep,’ she explains, ‘so in deciding the record you wish to play, you are moving into an energy of positive reflection and are more likely to start the following day with the upmost focus and clarity.’

Tip 2: Movement

‘Intuition is at its greatest when your body is feeling happy, as it uses the body as a vehicle to communicate with us,’ explains Knowles. ‘If you feel stagnant in thought or focus, move – run, walk, change your view or simply smile,’ she adds. ‘When I feel as if I have nothing to smile about and when even intuition can’t move me, I remember the power of a smile to lift my mood – my power smile – even if I don’t feel like laughing.’

Tip 3: Cleanse Your Energy

‘Stagnant energy around the crown chakra can cause us to lose focus,’ says Knowles. ‘Simply washing your hair, the crown of your head, will shift this build up.’ Her top tip? ‘Focus on the water swilling the energy from the top of your head, down and away from you into the pug hole.’ Another trick to clearing the space around you is to open all the windows in your home or space – ‘let the elemental power of air bring in fresh energies, blowing through anything that is clouding your view or holding you back.’

The Life-Changing Power Of Intuition by Emma Lucy Knowles, £12.99, is available to buy here


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